106 Sponsorship-Based Link Building Queries

So. You're in a competitive space. You're pouring maximum resources into linkable content + link prospecting + outreach. Referral traffic and leads are definitely up but you're still lagging behind your SERP competitors. You've got a big pile of cash, a warehouse full of goods and/or billable hours you're not using and a highly aggressive ranking goal. You're aware that even the sponsorship approach could maybe possibly have the potential for risk. Well, it sounds like you're ready to donate, sponsor, support and otherwise facilitate community in a way that earns you some backlinks!

Though our agency side expertise is in linkable content + targeted outreach, on the link building tool side our expertise is in finding exactly, precisely the link prospects our clients require for their campaigns... Prospects that are directly aligned with their linkable assets. For those whose linkable assets include money, goods or services, we humbly submit these sponsorship link building queries.

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49 Donation Seeker Queries

Some organizations require donations to continue operating. Some of these organizations thank their donors by publishing thank you pages. Some of these thank you pages contain links. Some of these organizations may serve or target your market. Some may be in line with your company's ethical or moral code. If you'd like to donate goods, services or money to these kinds of organizations you can find them with the following queries.

  1. [KW] donat* list
  2. [KW] contributor
  3. [KW] donation site:.org
  4. [KW] supporter
  5. [KW] donor
  6. [KW] inurl:donars site:.org
  7. [KW] grantor site:.org
  8. [KW] sponsor site:.org
  9. [KW] donations
  10. in kind donars list site:.edu [KW]
  11. [KW] support* list
  12. in kind donations list site:.org [KW]
  13. in kind donations list [KW]
  14. [KW] donor site:.org
  15. [KW] grantor
  16. [KW] donation thank you
  17. [KW] grantor thank you
  18. [KW] supporter site:.org
  19. [KW] donor* list
  20. [KW] donate
  21. [KW] donor thank you
  22. in kind donars list site:.org [KW]
  23. in kind donations list site:.edu [KW]
  24. [KW] donation
  25. [KW] "thank you" donor*
  26. in kind donars list [KW]
  27. [KW] supporter site:.edu
  28. [KW] donor site:.edu
  29. [KW] inurl:donars site:.edu
  30. [KW] partner site:.edu
  31. [KW] partner
  32. [KW] contributor site:.org
  33. in kind donars list site:.org [KW]
  34. [KW] "in kind donor*"
  35. [KW] inurl:donation site:.edu
  36. [KW] partner site:.org
  37. [KW] contribut* list
  38. [KW] supporter thank you
  39. [KW] contributor site:.edu
  40. [KW] partner* list
  41. [KW] donation site:.edu
  42. in kind donations list site:.org [KW]
  43. [KW] grantor* list
  44. [KW] grantor site:.org
  45. [KW] inurl:donation site:.org
  46. [KW] grantor list
  47. [KW] scholarships
  48. [KW] scholarship site:.edu
  49. [KW] scholarship site:.org

20 Queries for Sponsoring Events, Conferences, Fairs, Festivals and Runs

Event sponsorship is a subcategory of donations, but because events center on live, sometimes massive gatherings of targeted customers (erm, aka people), they deserve their own section.

  1. [KW] festivals
  2. [KW] events
  3. event listing [KW]
  4. [KW] event calendar
  5. [KW] event sponsor*
  6. [KW] fairs
  7. [KW] conference
  8. [KW] conferences intitle:list
  9. [KW] Run Sponsor*
  10. [KW] Happenings
  11. [KW] show
  12. [KW] sponsorship
  13. [KW] sponsors
  14. [KW] Thank* "to our sponsors"
  15. [KW] "our sponsors"
  16. [KW] thanks to our sponsors
  17. [KW] sponsor site:.edu
  18. [KW] sponsor
  19. [KW] spons* list
  20. [KW] "thank you" sponsor*

16 Contest Announcer Queries

Creating your own contest - or sponsoring someone else's - can be a great way to get your name out in the industry. If the rules or the "game" itself is in line with your brand then all the better. Here are some queries to help you promote your contest and possibly earn some links in the process.

  1. [KW] contest intitle:submit
  2. add contest [KW]
  3. submit * giveaway [KW]
  4. contribute prizes [KW]
  5. [KW] intitle:submit intitle:contest
  6. [KW] sweeps* intitle:submit
  7. [KW] giveaways intitle:submit
  8. [KW] contest
  9. add [KW] contest
  10. suggest [KW] contest
  11. suggest contest [KW]
  12. [KW] allintitle:submit * contest
  13. [KW] "contest list"
  14. sponsor [KW] contest
  15. [KW] contests
  16. [KW] contest announcment

10 Membership-Due Site Queries

Some groups require membership dues. Some of these sites have member directories, or member lists. Many of these dues-driven organizations also put on events, publish industry-targeted content and send out email newsletters. If you're not sponsoring them you should at least be contributing content to them! Here are some queries for sniffing them out.

  1. associated [KW]
  2. [KW] Meeting
  3. [KW] organization inurl:.org
  4. [KW] Chamber of Commerce
  5. [KW] "association for"
  6. [KW] Group
  7. [KW] members
  8. [KW] "of America"
  9. [KW] professional organization
  10. [KW] association

11 Queries for Product Review Opportunities

Getting products reviewed can have a profound impact on sales, especially if the reviewer is well trusted and the publishing site well distributed. These queries will direct you towards sites that seek out products for review.

  1. [KW] reviews
  2. [KW] allintitle:get * reviewed
  3. [KW] submit * review
  4. get [KW] reviewed
  5. [KW] reviews inurl:submit
  6. [KW] get * reviewed
  7. [KW] intitle:Reviews
  8. [KW] ratings
  9. get [KW] reviewed
  10. [KW] rating
  11. [KW] intitle:Reviewed

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