12 Videos: the Ontolo Link Building Toolset Demo Tour!

The goods... we'd like to show you them! Ben, Andy (our lead developer) and I (Garrett) have labored for over two years on what we believe is the most useful and actionable link building tool on the market. Andy Beal certainly seems to agree with us ;) I believe that if you spend 10 minutes with the Ontolo V2 Link Building Toolset demo (sign up here for access) you will find that our relentless pursuit of faster, more efficient link building bring your marketing efforts to the next level...

I also recommend checking out the User Guide to the Ontolo Link Building Toolset for a more detailed overview!

Video 1: Ontolo Link Building Toolset Introduction + Overview

This video walks you through the demo link prospect dataset for the outdoor sports market. When you sign up on October 12, we begin building a link prospect dataset tailored specifically to your market. We begin immediately when you enter your targeted keywords , competitors, and the types of links you're looking to acquire. This video is 9 minutes long, and contains some vital tips for advanced users on refining your prospect searches. Scroll down to see the segmented searchable reports we provide.

Video 2: Find Blog Link Prospects in 3 Minutes

In this 3 minute video, Ben uses the Toolset to extract rock climbing publishers from the Outdoor Sports demo prospect set. Rock Climbing is just 10% of what's in the demo prospect set... Watch the video and then find and click the "Blogs" button in the left Nav (it's in "Social Media Research"). Try your own search with "kayak*" in the title tag. Copy the results to the clipboard and then paste them into the hostname counter to extract the most important kayaking-related publishers from the data set.

Video 3: Find Competitor-Linking Prospects in 60 Seconds

When you sign up as a client you provide us with a list of your top 25 competitors. We use this data in part to help you home in on the pages that co-cite your competitors, that is, the pages that link to one or more of your competitors. In this video, watch Ben demonstrate how the Ontolo Link Building Toolset uses co-citation analysis to find prospects related to rock climbing.

If you're following along with your demo account, scroll down the left nav of searchable reports until you find the "Competitive Research" section. Click on the "Competitor Links Search" button to bring up the search form. Now type in "hiking" without quotes into the Title Tag Query field and check out your results... And remember to scroll all the way to the right to see the competitor co-citation count!

Video 4: Find Donation Link Prospects in 3 Minutes

In the Outdoor Sports market it's common to find companies supporting non profits in their efforts to preserve and protect the environment. These represent fantastic opportunities for marketers seeking to connect with deeply passionate market segments. In the following video, watch as Ben demonstrates a 3 minute method for finding donation opportunities in the Outdoor Sports market.

Try it for yourself. Scroll down the left nav to find "Donation Opportunities." It's in "Search by Link Type." Now type in "donat*" and "spons*" into the Body Text query field.

Video 5: Find Trusted Link Prospects in 60 Seconds

Using the MozTrust metric, Ben demonstrates how to quickly discover your market's most-trusted sites.

Try your own search on the demo data set! In the left nav find the "Search by Stats" category and click on "Trusted Links." Type "kayak*" without quotes into the Title Tag Query field and click the blue "Search Link Prospects" button. Be sure to scroll right to see the data points on which you can sort your prospects!

Video 6: Find Blogroll Link Prospects in 60 Seconds

Blogroll links, on the right blogs, remain high-value links. Using the blogroll search report, Ben discovers over 100 rock climbing blogroll prospects in this video:

Try your own search on the demo prospect set... Find the "Search by Linktype" section of the nav and click on "Blogrolls." Next type "skiing" without quotes into the Title Tag Query field. Copy the results to your clipboard, run them through the hostname counter and you'll find over 30 sites to approach to request a blogroll link.

Video 7: Identify Your Industry's Most Successful Content in 2 Minutes

Content-based link builders rejoice - the Content Topic search report cuts hours from your research time if you're writing Ultimate Guides and other linkable content for your market... Watch Ben's run through of the Content Topic Search function:

Try it for yourself! Scroll down the left nav to find the "Content Research" section and click on the "Search by Content Topics" link. Next type in "skiing" without quotes into the Title Tag Query field. Then click the "How To" radial. Presto - you're looking at almost 800 URLs that describe how to do things related to skiing.

Video 8: Find .GOV & .EDU Link Prospects in 60 Seconds

Sometimes it makes sense to pursue links from .edu and .gov sites... and the Ontolo Link Building Toolset makes that very simple and fast. Watch the video to see how the "Gov & Edu Search" works.

Try it for yourself by finding the "Search by Link Type" section of the nav bar and clicking on the "Gov & Edu Search" link. This opens up the search form for the .edu and .gov prospect segment. Next type "camping" without quotes into the "Body Text Query" field and click on the blue button that says "Search Link Prospects." Easy, huh?

4 More Ontolo Link Building Toolset Videos

These four videos demonstrate other searchable report options within the Ontolo Link Building Toolset.

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