124 eCommerce Link Building Queries

eCommerce link builders have it rough. Not only do they often have thousands of pages they need links for, there's usually very little in the way of unique, linkable product descriptions to help them along. Combine that with a link-reluctant industry, or a space ruled by affiliates, and you've got an uphill battle... eCommerce link builder, you need some link building inspiration.

We humbly submit this list of link building queries for your consideration. We've organized them based on "campaign type," as well as by type of opportunity. Not only will this help you navigate the list, but it's also likely to knock loose an idea or two for your next campaign... Note: Get all these queries and more - sign up for our free V2 Link Building Query Generator! (+ learn more about it here if you'd like...)

Keyword-Types Required for eCommerce Link Prospecting

Link prospecting with queries requires a bit of recallibration when it comes to thinking about keywords. Though a PPC-oriented keyword suggestion tool can help, you're not trying to figure out keyword demand, or new keywords to target. You're figuring out the keywords that will lead you to link prospects. While there are probably more than 3 keyword types appropriate to ecommerce link building, these are the standard tyeps we've identified thus far.

  1. Market Defining Keywords: [MDKW]. What words, at the highest level of categorization, apply to your market? These are rarely converting keywords, and quite often so "big head" that there's no sense in targeting them in organic SEO. Here's a bit more on Market Defining Keywords.
  2. Customer Defining Keywords: [CDKW]. What do your customers call themselves? How do they identify themselves as belonging to the distinct group you're targeting? These terms will be VERY important in prospecting.
  3. Product/Category Keywords: [PCKW]. Product or category keywords are the high-level terms that describe what you're selling.

Examples of prospecting keywords for eCommerce link builders:

You Sell: Cat Furniture
MDKW: [Cats] + [Felines] + [Cat Care]
CDKW: [Cat Lover] + [Cat Owner]
PCKW: [Cat Towers] + [Cat Trees] + [Cat Furniture]

You Sell: Teaching Aids
MDKW: [Teachers] + [Teaching] + [(Grade) Teachers]
CDKW: [Teachers] + [(Grade) Teacher] + [(Grade) Librarian]
PCKW: [(Grade) + Curriculum] + [(Grade) + Supplies]

You Sell: Kayaks
MDKW: [kayaks] + [kayaking] + [paddling]
CDKW: [kayaker] + [paddler]
PCKW: [sea kayaks] + [sit on top kayaks] + [recreation kayaks]

And remember, gerunds are your friends! Though many writers obviously target "kayak blog," there are a number of great prospects out there when searching for "kayaking blog" (try both queries in quotes).

>> Campaign Type: Submission-Based

In this section you'll find queries designed to turn up submission-based opportunities. These are *typically* opportunities that don't require any relationship building, conversation or even email exchanges. Further, these kinds of opportunities often have a form designed solely for submitting the information for publishing (as opposed to an email form...). Lastly, some of these will require money.

Some Associated Linkable Assets:

  • Events
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Widgets
  • Informational RSS feed
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Niche Directories

If you're not in your niche directories, get there. If they're decent quality they will provide you with a nice, steady trickle of direct referral traffic.

  • [MDKW] Directory
  • [MDKW] Directory "add OR submit OR suggest OR post"
  • [CDKW] Directory


Some ecommerce companies host local events. There's an opp for that... event listing sites. Here are some queries for finding them.

  • [CDKW] events
  • [CDKW] submit event
  • event listing [CDKW]
  • [CDKW] event calendar
  • [CDKW] festivals


There may be associations relating to your market that you could join, both for the links as well as other potential ways of engaging with the association's audience.

  • [CDKW] "association for"
  • [CDKW] "of America" (or other geo-locale)
  • associated [CDKW]
  • [CDKW] organization inurl:.org
  • [CDKW] professional organization

Profile Pages

Profile pages are those you get when signing up for a social media site. They are commonly associated with link-wheel type set ups. Often these kinds of sites also enable you to publish your blog feed directly or in part. Certainly not the cornerstone of link building, but worth considering.

  • [CDKW] "sign up"
  • [CDKW] join
  • [CDKW] register
  • "create an acount" [CDKW]

Mixed-Media Mass Submission

There are a number of sites out there that want specific kinds of content for cataloging and republishing. Sometimes they simply publish links to YOUR content, and other times they want the whole file for publishing on their site. Here are some queries for looking for these kinds of opportunities.

  • [CDKW] podcast intitle:submit
  • [CDKW] RSS intitle:submit
  • [CDKW] article intitle:submit
  • [CDKW] resources intitle:submit

Contest Listings

There are contest sites out there that will publish links to your contests. If you have product-specific giveaways ON the product pages you could even potentially submit those pages (so long as you don't obstruct sales). Try these queries without the [CDKW] too.

  • [CDKW] contest intitle:submit
  • [CDKW] "contest list"
  • [CDKW] intitle:submit intitle:contest
  • [CDKW] giveaways intitle:submit
  • [CDKW] sweeps* intitle:submit

Coupon Sites

Many coupon sites are affiliate sites. A few gems out there provide direct links. You're going to have to dig though... Again, publishing the coupon code ON the product page could result in some direct product page links...

  • [MDKW] coupons intitle:list
  • [CDKW] coupons intitle:"submit OR add"
  • "coupons for [CDKW]*" intitle:"submit OR add"
  • [CDKW] deals intitle:"submit OR add"
  • "deals for [CDKW]*" intitle:"submit OR add"

>> Campaign Type: Relationship-Based

For eCommerce link builders with content, the ability to publish directly to the site and time for relationship building at their disposal, we recommend the following queries for turning up relationship-based link building opportunities. These will be multi-touch, often content-related in some way and will certainly require a good deal of preciprocation.

Some Associated Linkable Assets:

  • Subject matter experts
  • Social media team
  • Community engagers
  • PR team
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Web developers

Enthusiast Community Participation

Your bloggers and other community-facing marketers should be out in your industry's community sites, contributing helpful advice, good cheer and general awesomeness. Not pitching, not shilling, not dropping coupon links... though if your company is reputable the community will end up ASKING you to pitch them when they start to shop for products in your category.

  • [MDKW] forum
  • [MDKW] community
  • [MDKW] "sign up OR register OR join"
  • [CDKW] forum
  • [CDKW] community
  • [CDKW] "sign up OR register OR join"
  • [CDKW] twitter "list OR users"
  • [CDKW] twitter "to follow"
  • [CDKW] "on facebook"
  • [PCKW] forum
  • [PCKW] community
  • [PCKW] "sign up OR register OR join"
  • [PCKW] answers
  • [MDKW] answers
  • [CDKW] answers

Enthusiast Publishers

Where does your market go for new products and techniques? Your company should be there, as a contributor in the comments, as a guest writer and as a champion of new ideas that advance your industry (spreading their content via social media). Incidentally, some of these sites may have industry resource pages - is your website on them?

  • [CDKW] blog list
  • [PCKW] blog list
  • [MDKW] blog list
  • [CDKW] news
  • [PCKW] news
  • [MDKW] news
  • [CDKW] magazines
  • [PCKW] magazines
  • [MDKW] magazines

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a fantastic way to build deep links into your product pages. Product reviews are often paid - these queries should turn up both paid and unpaid opportunities.

  • [PCKW] reviews inurl:submit
  • [PCKW] intitle:Reviewed
  • [CDKW] intitle:Reviews
  • "get [PCKW] reviewed"

Content Placement (Guest Publishing)

Guest content placement typically provides only one definite link. However, if your placed content also manages to pitch your expertise in some way - and your publisher has significan reach - you can definitely impact leads and sales. We've found that including free tools or worksheets in placed content can help distribute and build links to these resources as well.

  • [PCKW] inurl:contributors
  • [PCKW] "guest article OR post"
  • [MDKW] inurl:contributors
  • [MDKW] "guest article OR post"
  • [CDKW] inurl:contributors
  • [CDKW] "guest article OR post"

Expert Interviews

Interviews, whether you're the subject of the interview OR the interviewer, can have a fantastic impact on link building efforts. These queries will help you to uncover potential interview targets (qualify the book authors by checking their sites for blogs or "in the news" sections). Further, you may find some sites willing to interview the thought leaders in your company.

  • [CDKW] intitle:interview
  • [PCKW] intitle:"experts interview OR talk OR discuss OR answer"
  • [CDKW] intitle:"experts interview OR talk OR discuss OR answer"
  • [CDKW] interview
  • [MDKW] interview
  • [CDKW] book reviews
  • [CDKW] "best books"
  • [CDKW] "top * books"
  • [CDKW] "recommended * books"
  • [CDKW] authors
  • [CDKW] "top * authors"

Resource Roundups and Lists

Resource list curators and roundup writers are wonderful, wonderful people. And if you have great content for them, they will quite often link to it.

  • [MDKW] round up
  • [MDKW] round up intitle:"weekly OR daily OR monthly"
  • [MDKW] inurl:"links OR resources"
  • [MDKW] intitle:"list of"
  • [CDKW] round up
  • [CDKW] round up intitle:"weekly OR daily OR monthly"
  • [CDKW] inurl:"links OR resources"
  • [CDKW] intitle:"list of"
  • [PCKW] round up
  • [PCKW] round up intitle:"weekly OR daily OR monthly"
  • [PCKW] inurl:"links OR resources"

Mixed-Media Linkers

Mixed-media linkers are a subset of the resource curators and roundup writers mentioned above. They concentrate on a particular type of media. If you've got a new podcast you should definitely look for both types of prospects!

  • [CDKW] "podcast list"
  • [CDKW] "list of * podcasts"
  • [CDKW] intitle:"list of * podcasts"
  • [PCKW] "podcast list"
  • [PCKW] "list of * podcasts"
  • [PCKW] intitle:"list of * podcasts"
  • [CDKW] "free tools"
  • [CDKW] "free calculators"
  • [CDKW] "worksheet OR spreadsheet"
  • [CDKW] "list of * videos"
  • [CDKW] intitle:"list of * videos"
  • [CDKW] "video list"

>> Campaign Type: Sponsorship-Based

Sponsorship link opportunities require cash or product contributions. They also often require quite a bit of relationship building. Afterall, it might be odd to a Cat Fair organizer in Muskogee, OK that your UK-based cat tree business wants to submit some products for a raffle. But sponsor you shall, and be sure that it's understood that your contribution be duly noted on their website.

Some Associated Linkable Assets:

  • Money for donation, sponsorship, listings and memberships
  • Goods for donation
  • Services for donation

Product Donations

These queries will help you to find pages relating to your market that contain donor lists. It's not necessary to narrow your queries with market-related terms, but it will show you the more relevant pages first.

  • [MDKW] spons* list
  • [MDKW] partner* list
  • [MDKW] contribut* list
  • [MDKW] donor* list
  • [MDKW] donat* list
  • [MDKW] support* list

Contest Sponsorship

Contests are out there. Execute well and you can build many, many links to your website and even product pages (if you give contest details on the product page itself...).

  • "[PCKW] contest"
  • "[MDKW] contest"
  • "[CDKW] contest"
  • sponsor [PCKW] contest
  • sponsor [MDKW] contest
  • contribute prizes [MDKW]

Enthusiast Event Sponsorship

Your market probably has events that involve or COULD involve your products. Start with these queries to dig some of them up!

  • [PCKW] events
  • [MDKW] events
  • [CDKW] events
  • [CDKW] festivals
  • [CDKW] fairs
  • [CDKW] runs

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