21 Link Building How To's: BlueGlass vs. Link Building! (v11 7/16-7/22)

Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome to this weeks roundup of link building brilliance from my Twitter follows. This week my parents are in town (hi Mom!) and I now END my workday on twitter instead of start there. What I'm saying is, I may have missed something. If you're a link builder or write about link building then please know that... I LINK. That's right. I link. I will probably hear about you, but if you want to make sure that you GET A LINK to your article, @GarrettFrench me or just send an email to Garrett.French@Ontolo (figure out the rest). I wish I could make it easier for you, but, as they say, link building is hard work ;)

Ahem. So BlueGlass had a conference and from what I hear it educated and connected the very cream on top of the marketing pail of milk. Check out Rand Fishkin's slide deck below, as well as the overview of his session with David Snyder.

If you missed last week's round up, go check it out: 28 Link Building News, Views + How-To's: "@Wiep's Link Building Monopoly" Edition. Oh yes and Ben Wills redesigned our site... and published his first link building video >>

>> 1 Upcoming Link Building Event

  1. Links, Linkbuilding, PageRank, and Google's Reasonable Surfer (August 16th, 1pm with Bill Slawski!)

>> 3 Link Building Resources From the BlueGlass Conference

  1. Blueglass LA Session: Links matter: How to measure and attain them
  2. Blueglass LA Internet Marketing Conference Session Notes (link building section is last)
  3. Strategic SEO Link Analysis

via: Final do #blueglassla e apresentação de link building

>> 15 Link Building How-To's, Thinkery, Opinion and Hijinks

  1. Stuck In Link Limbo? How To Craft Real Business Metrics For Link Building
  2. Do Links Every Really Disappear?
  3. Linktoberfest! SEO Infographic for Link Data Visualization
  4. 4 Huge Mistakes to Avoid When You Build Links
  5. 15 Years and 185 Link Building Articles, Blog Posts, and Columns from Eric Ward (would love to see them ranked based on number of links earned :)
  6. Are We Over-Engineering the Link Graph? (repeat from last week, check the comments there for some good discussion!)
  7. Brands Are How You Sort Out The Cesspool (Shaun Anderson meditation on link building)
  8. SEOs Split On Buying Links From Brokers
  9. 10 Missed Opportunities in Search Engine Marketing in Japan (see the linking section - very interesting)
  10. Keep Track of Backlinks with Delicious Social Bookmarking (could perhaps make it a bit easy for competition to follow your tracks...)
  11. Changes in Natural Linking - Death, Rebirth, or a Return to the Roots
  12. Links Ahoy! Turn Copied Content to Instant Links (this service actually makes more work for me personally, a frequent linker, because I have to remove what it automatically adds. I find it annoying.)
  13. De 4 soorten autoriteitslinks en 10 manieren om ze te verkrijgen (from @Wiep I presume, and yes, in Dutch. Chrome makes a readable translation :)
  14. How to Get 10,000% More Backlinks in Google, Without Doing Anything
  15. Guilt by Association: Do You Really Know Who You Are Linking To, Parts 1-12

>> 2 From Ontolo

  1. a Simple Guide to Linkbait Co-Citation Analysis for Link Prospecting
  2. A Video Introduction to the Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series

>> 3 Adjacent to Link Building

  1. The 17 commandments of setting expectations in SEO (excellent, linkable, evergreen resource of a group interview)
  2. InHouse SEO – BlueGlass LA
  3. Court: Violating Terms of Service Is Not a Crime, But Bypassing Technical Barriers Might Be

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