24 Link Building How-To's, News and Tool Reviews! 6/11-6/17

Link builders rejoice! We have TONS of awesome articles for you to check out so you can procrastinate on sending that next link begging email... In fact... you might even get an idea or two here that will give you a much higher return on your time! If you know of something I missed just tweet it @GarrettFrench or email me Garrett.French@ontolo.com and I'll add it next week. See you then!

Link Building News:


Link Building How-To's:
How to Get Links in Tough Industries
Link Building With Charities
Link Building with Sponsorships (Expanding on SEJ's charity post)
Análise de link building através de Social Bookmarking (it's in English - looking at experience with social bookmarking for links)
Competitor Research - Focusing on Companies, Keywords, and Broken Links
Link Campaigns for Foreign Sites
Unveiling the ultimate link building secret weapon
How to Turn Content Theft to Your Advantage - and Get Hundreds of Links in the Process
Whiteboard Interview - Google's Matt Cutts on Redirects, Trust + More
SMX Seattle – Os melhores tweets (not in English :)
Bad Links: Words From Google
Where To Source Premium Content
How to Get the Most from Guest Blogging (4 Tips You Probably Don’t Know About)
500+ social media networks – AND they’re ALL YOURS (ps: Don't pollute. Only YOU can prevent link value degredation. -G)

Link Building Tools:
Raven Tools Review
Backlink reporting tool comparison, using one site's links as baseline
Link Building Tools For Success via Vertical Measures see more of their SEO & Internet Marketing Webinars

Link Building Inspiration:
Access the SEO Dojo for only $5 (wot! insane! awesome! sign up!)
link builders: study this classic group expert interview "Ultimate Quality Score Guide"
The Considered Purchase: Core Conversion Marketing Strategies (I'm rereading again :)
Tweet your favorite item in Makers Market to win it (cool concept)
Eizo X-Ray Pin-up Calendar 2010 – more than integral nude (wow! amazing idea! very very mildly nsfw)
Low quality content can damage your business

From Ontolo:
Link Building Tool Interview with Garrett French
Link Building Workshop 2: From "Link Builder" to "Link Strategist"
Link Building 101: "What's Working Well for You Now?"
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    Thanks for including my list of 500 links in your list. I agree with you: never pollute. I am a big advocate in only posting on places that you can add value to. Carly.

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