26 Link Building News, How-To's and Reviews (6/18-6/24): the Google Shares Link Building Tips Edition ;)

With the Voltron form up of BlueGlass, oh yes and some sort of sporting event in South Africa, I'm amazed that link builders could crank out this many great articles. Not to mention a major linking tool launch and 2 link building tool upgrades! This week's round up marks the introduction of German and Portuguese link building how-to's.

Link News:
Get the Ontolo Link Building Book for $57 (that's $40 Off)... Today and Tomorrow Only!
Cemper Launches the Link Juice Recovery Tool at 30% off thru 6/29!
Eightfold Logic Intends To Link Up Potential Business Partners (more here and here)
A major BuzzStream update rolls out: Inline Editing & Customizable Views enables you to manage influencer & link relationships in a scaleable way.

Link Building How To's:
New Google WMC Post: Get quality links to your site
Google Reveals Link Building Secrets! (snarkastic response to the above post from Google :)
Four Engines, Four Ways To Generate Links
The myth of volume-based link building
8 things linkbuilders shouldn’t do when asking for links
Linkbuilding: link exchange requests: what you SHOULD do
How to Deal with Competitors Copying Your Links
Four Secrets to Successful Link Bait
Building lots of links to ecommerce product pages
New post: Link Building Across the West Coast and Back

Link Building Tools:
EFL's Linker launched
Check For Broken Links On Your Site (Free Tool For Mac SEO & Web Designers)
Linkbait Title Generator
Clarity about Majestic SEO

Link Building In Portugeuse:
Link Building através de Article Marketing
Cinco comandos para Link Building

Link Building in German:
Die Backlinkanalyse von A-Z

Link Tweets of the Week:
Bill Slawski Discussed #AnchorText
@lyndoman: "White hats call it, "Guest blogging", Black hats call it, "Parasite hosting". ;)"

Linking Related
Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building
No Seriously, Why Doesn’t The Wall Street Journal Link to Websites?
Is Your Affiliate Datafeed Site Sinking in Mayday?
Trust And Our Addiction To Link Shortening
Why you should still be using Sphinn

Interesting to Garrett
Curation nation
Content Curation: Essential Insights from Industry Thought Leaders
Pay With a Tweet service
Mad Men’s Guide to Managing Creative People
The internet: Everything you ever need to know

Ontolo Link Building Book Reviews
Kersvers linkbuilding boek verschenen (a review in Dutch)
Al Scillitani's Link Building Book Review

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