27 Link Building Resources: the "Link Building Team Development" Edition - v12 7/23-7/29

Ladies. Gentlemen. Welcome back to the Ontolo blog for this week's roundup of link building resources! This week saw an unprecidented number of articles (5) related to building in-house and in-agency link building teams, so we've floated them to the top of the list for the C-levels and business builders out there. We've also got links to 3 great videos (yes, including Ben's latest on Link Building Campaign Design) and 12 link building how-to'sy articles. Scroll WAY down and you'll find articles from Ontolo, a smattering of link tools and some interesting infographics... ENJOY!

If you're just joining us, here's what you missed last week...

1 Upcoming Link Building Event

  1. Links, Linkbuilding, PageRank, and Google's Reasonable Surfer (August 16th, 1pm with Bill Slawski!)

5 Link Marketing Team Development Articles

  1. Hiring an In-House Link Marketer? 2 Essential Skills for the Job
  2. Create a Link Building Team Within Your Organization
  3. Homage to the Business of Link-Building
  4. Scaling the new marketing organization
  5. "@SimonDance talked us through using CRM for linkbuilding" (from last big section of article)

3 Link Building Videos

  1. Amazingly Simple PR SEO Link Building Tips
  2. Link Building Campaign Design: Week 02, Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series
  3. PubCon South at Dallas Jordan Kasteler Link-Bait Interview (new to me :)

12 Link Building How-To's, Thinkery, Opinion and Hijinks

  1. 8 New Link Types That Exist On The Web (ulp, I've been found out...)
  2. Link Building with Directory Submissions
  3. If Links Age, What Are The Possibilities
  4. LinkSpam Bombed… But How and Why?
  5. Why Guest Blogging Works Better Than Article Marketing
  6. How To Focus On Content To Create Great Linkbait
  7. Increase Traffic and Authority by Listing Your Blog
  8. Trial and Error with AdWords and S.E.O. (Commenting as tactic discussed at NYTimes...)
  9. Of Linkbait And SEO Bank Shots
  10. Hiding your backlink profile from competitors
  11. How To Acquire High Quality Links By Leveraging Wikipedia
  12. When Paid Links Aren't Black-hat

3 By or About Ontolo

  1. Review of Ontolo’s Link Building Book
  2. Content-Based Link Opportunity Analysis: Building Links With Content
  3. Phone Number Co-Citation Analysis for Local Link Builders

3 New (to me) Link Tools

  1. SEO Smart Links
  2. New SEO Plugin for WordPress: Internal Link Building (not new, but recommended to me on Twitter)
  3. "promoting the natural link exchange" (.Ar version of Linker?)

3 Notable Infographics

  1. Do You Know Who's Watching You?
  2. The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program [Infographic]
  3. Mobile Advertising and the Rise of Coupons

3 Adjacent to Link Building

  1. Ann Smarty, SEO Expert, Shares Her Secrets
  2. Whose Advice Works Best for Link Building? (ego baiting for link builders... (it worked! See who RT'd))
  3. Weekly Search & Social News: 07/27/2010 (I got a few roundup items here)

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