27 New Link Building Resources: the Social Signal, Local Citation and Media Engagement Edition for 12/17-12/30

2011 is nigh! Link builders, buckle in for a wild ride this coming year. It's time to start understanding and enhancing your high-value social signals, driving home your local citations and establishing a deeper focus on meaningful media engagement. I'm not saying "link building is dead," but, well, it's certainly evolving. We open this link building roundup with social, local and media engagement resources... AND a rare, 2-day only discount offer for our toolset!

Happy New Year from the Ontolo team!

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4 Social Signals + Social Rank Resources

  1. Matt Cutts, Social Signals, Author Authority, Ranking Factors & Google Realtime
  2. Ranking Signals Hiding Beneath the Surface
  3. Is Social Rank Dying Already?
  4. How to make social media add up to thought leadership

2 Local Citation Building Resources

  1. How to create very high value citations for Google Local
  2. David Mihm Presents Local Search (presentation recap)

4 Media Engagement Resources

  1. HOW TO: Make the Most of a Blog Interview
  2. A simple guide to pitching bloggers (and case studies)
  3. How to Search Google Creatively (to Research Related Twitter Userbase)

4 Toe-Tapping Songs for Weary Signal Builders

14 Link Building Resources

  1. Wiep's Hiring! Vacature medewerker Linkbuilding, (Commerciële) Communicatie en meer…
  2. When Offline Linkbait Ignores the Online Part
  3. One more time: Selling links? Don’t be Stupid.
  4. Getting Links Built: 5 Motivators for Internal, Non-SEO Link Builders
  5. 4 Core Advantages of the Inhouse Link Builder
  6. Taking A Closer Look At Link Changes
  7. 9 Vital Tasks of the Inhouse Link Builder
  8. Google's This Site May Be Compromised
  9. 5 Link Building Predictions for 2011
  10. SEO & Link Analysis for “Cheap Flights”
  11. 5 Tips on Link Bait Campaigns
  12. How to Get Deep Links with Optimized Anchor Text from a PageRank 6 Website
  13. The mythology of link building
  14. Ranking Keyword Phrases | The Influence of NoFollow Links

3 Link Building Tool Resources

  1. Local SEO Link Citation Analysis Worksheet
  2. Excel For SEOs: Manipulating URL Strings with Functions
  3. Automation Got Even Smarter with SEO Smart Links

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