28 Link Building News, Views + How-To's: "@Wiep's Link Building Monopoly" Edition (v10 7/9-7/15)

Welcome, welcome to this week's roundup of all the link building news, how-to's and views that we found fit to retweet! Link building pundits slowed their pens a bit this week - we only pumped out 28 items, down 8 from last week. Set aside an hour today, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! You can also follow @GarrettFrench on twitter to get these items as I find them, or just follow the people I follow :)

3 Upcoming Link Events, In Date Order

  1. Get Ready to "Get Local or Go Home!": (July 15th with Sarah Moraes and Jason Hendricks of Vertical Measures)
  2. "Five Key Tactics For Maximizing Link Seeking Response Rates" webinar with Eric Ward (July 20th)
  3. Links, Linkbuilding, PageRank, and Google's Reasonable Surfer (August 16th, 1pm with Bill Slawski!)

23 Link Building How-To's, Thinkery and Commentary

  1. Link Building: It’s a Popularity Game (please make this Wiep - you know you want to... :)
  2. The Evolution of Ranking Signals: Google Is Getting Past the Link
  3. Real Time SEO: Monitor Your Brand & Build Links Simultaneously
  4. Google vs. Bing Part II: Link Analysis
  5. International Link Building -- the Best of the Whole World
  6. Link Building With Widgets
  7. 18 Examples of Awesome Viral Linkbait (awesome, actually)
  8. 5 Things Google’s Latest Patent Tells Me About Links (read for the comments - a good lesson on patent analysis...)
  9. Link Sources Worthy of Link Building vs. “Others” (awkward title, interesting analysis/ranking of link opportunity types)
  10. Evaluating the Lifetime Value of a Link
  11. Mapping Anchor Text To Landing Pages
  12. Guest Blogging : Guide to Leveraging Expertise & Influence
  13. How Professional SEOs Get Inbound Links
  14. How To Acquire High Quality Links By Leveraging Wikipedia
  15. Want More Link Juice? Here’s an Easy Way to Get It
  16. Are Competitors Stealing Your Links?
  17. Win the Best High Volume Links
  18. The Death of Natural Linking
  19. SEO Dojo Radio Episode 1 (link wheels, comment spamming, hijinks)
  20. Best SEO Link Building Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)
  21. 5 Types of Links You May Not Have Thought of Tracking
  22. 5 types of links that shouldn’t be nofollowed
  23. Five Link Bait Concepts That Are Proven To Work In Almost ANY Situation

2 From Ontolo:

  1. Link Building 101: How To Get Started with the Ontolo Link Building Toolset
  2. How to Conduct a Link Opportunity Inventory (Plus 9 Common Link Opportunity Types)

9 Great Adjacent-to-Link-Building Articles

  1. The insane world of “No linking Policy” – what happened to the interNET?
  2. SEO Campaign Management Workflow Chart
  3. Learning from Google Webmaster Tools Caffeine data
  4. Creating a Custom Content Strategy: Content Audit and Analysis
  5. How (And Why) To Create Remarkable Digital Content
  6. Measuring the Business Value of Social Media
  7. Content strategy and customer service: A talk with Ann Rockley
  8. The Big Lies People Tell In Online Dating
  9. Snarky Infographic About Infographics (awesome!)

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