28 New Link Building Resources: the "Dixon Jones Rocks" Edition (8/20 - 8/26)

Welcome welcome, my link luring lads and lasses! This week's roundup profers the firehose of link building related content with only minor editorial curation (check out Wiep for that ;)! Read our roundups at your own risk and with your brain fully engaged :D ...So, we're big Dixon Jones fans, and even more so now that he busted out Link data from Blekko in less time that it took us to compile this roundup. In case you missed it, or had nothing to do for the next several hours, here's last week's round up: 54 New Link Building Resources: the SES SF Edition!

See you next week folks. (Special thanks for submission to, in order of response, Fabio Ricotta of MestreSEO Dixon Jones of Receptional David Harry of teh SEODojo Matt Owen of Epic Win Media. Cheers mates!)

Link Building Radio + Tools in the News!

  1. SEO Dojo Radio Episode 7; dive into the link pond! (opens with a gentle ribbing in response to On Branding, Blogging, and Link Ponds)
  2. Excelling Globally, Active Locally (Majestic in the news YET AGAIN! Congrats mates!)

25 Link Building Resources

  1. Link data from Blekko (Timely. Brilliant.)
  2. How We Got a Link from CNN and Drove Loads of Traffic with Infographics
  3. 62 Queries for Writing Ultimate Guides that Build Links, Leads and Legacy
  4. 6 Ways to Replace Yahoo's Link & Linkdomain Search Commands
  5. Google's Affiliated Page Link Patent
  6. 13 Ecommerce Link Building Tactics For Your Online Store
  7. Link Building with Jim Boykin: SES San Francisco 2010 Day 2
  8. Link Building in August of 2010 with Jim Boykin — SES San Francisco
  9. Wil Reynolds’ Link Building Victories & Failures
  10. How an Online Retailer Can Evaluate the ROI of a Link Building Campaign
  11. Quick Observation About Google, Google Alerts & Twitter Links
  12. Don't be Afraid of URL Links
  13. Influencing the Influencer
  14. WTF are rel=”dofollow” & rel=”noindex”
  15. Shameful use of Pakistan Flood Disaster to Gain SEO Links and Traffic
  16. If You Happened To Want To Sell Links
  17. How to Promote Link Worthy Content
  18. Can Link Building Give You or Your Client a Bad Reputation?
  19. Smart Links Can Make Your SEO Sing
  20. Spotting Unnatural Linking Patterns
  21. Why is Link Building So Boring?
  22. Signal Strength - Linking Speed Bumps
  23. Why I Didn’t Hire Conductor, But Seriously Considered It
  24. How to Silo Your Website: The Content (See discussion at Sphinn http://sphinn.com/story/157439/)
  25. New Digg 4 (Basic) SEO Score 30/100

3 Local Citation Building Resources

  1. Canadian SEO IYP Rankings Report 2010
  2. Game On: The Battle for Local Domination
  3. The Need to Know Local Search Marketing Terms

3 Content Strategy Gems

  1. The Scholar-Curator as Storyteller
  2. Dear Content Strategist
  3. Get a Firm Grip of Your Web Content

3 High-Utility, Highly-Shareable Content Examples

  1. How we made an extra £14 million a year for a travel company
  2. Using Google Spreadsheets as a Database with the Google Visualisation API Query Language
  3. Google universal ranking factors: an overview of resources

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