32 New Link Building Resources: the Local Link Building Edition - v13 7/30-8/5

Hello Link Builders! Welcome to this week's link building resource roundup. Here's last week's edition in case you missed it. Well, the launch of the Ontolo vs. Whitespark Local Citation Finder tool, along with 5 other local resources, make this the Local Link Building edition. For non-locals we've got 26 other fantastic resources to keep you current on the world of link building, including a step-by-step video guide to link prospecting by Ben Wills. Special thanks to @fabioricotta of MestreSEO for his submissions (+ feedback on the citation finder!)... See you next week!

1 Upcoming Link Building Event

  1. Links, Linkbuilding, PageRank, and Google's Reasonable Surfer (August 16th, 1pm with Bill Slawski!)

6 Local Citation Building Resources

  1. Local Citation Finder Tool + review 1, review 2, review 3
  2. Need Local Links? Use the Local Keyword Tool
  3. Keyword Research for Local SEO
  4. 12 Statistics On Consumer Reviews
  5. 44 Local Link Building Queries for Citation Prospecting and Opportunity Analysis
  6. Engaging your community - get hyperlocal!

3 Link Building Videos, Podcasts and Radio Shows

  1. Link Prospecting: Week 03, Link Building Strategies Video Series
  2. Linkbuilding Lessons from PR - July 2010
  3. SEO Dojo Radio - the great link building debate

13 Link Building Resources This Week

  1. Link Building this Month (07.2010)
  2. New Strategies for Getting Links from Newspapers
  3. Five Things I've Learned About Paid Links
  4. Link bait: Half luck, half skill, half something else
  5. Linkbaiting Case Study
  6. This Link Profile Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
  7. Forget The Link Wheel, Get A Text Wheel!
  8. Longer Anchor Text As a Link Building Strategy
  9. Using Footprints For Accurate, Efficient & Better Link Building (great topic, would love to see the author look beyond comments though...)
  10. #1 Guest Blogging Incentive: Backlinks (Guidelines and Ethics)
  11. 4 Ways Link Builders Should Use Twitter
  12. Facebook SEO: Of Links and Likes
  13. Google dynamic linking: One strange and creepy patent

3 Link Building Outside the English Language

  1. SEO | Link Building por Cassiano Travareli | Search Labs
  2. Getarnte Linkbaits enttarnt
  3. Understanding The SEO Challenges Of Language Detection

9 Content, Infographics, Linkbaits, Quick Submits, Etc...

  1. The Ultimate Social Bookmarking Content Creation Guide (Part 1: Digg)
  2. 30+ Places to Submit Your Website Designs
  3. Master Class: Keyword Research for Stellar Content Creation, Part 4
  4. Selling Clients on Content
  5. The History of Search Engines - An Infographic
  6. The History of Search: a Timeline
  7. E-Commerce Social Integration Study With Examples - 100 Online Retailers Analyzed
  8. Follow Friday for July 30th , 2010 (how #ff should be done - oh yes, and also very personally flattering :)
  9. Lessons Learned: Building Simple SEO Tools

4 Link Building Resources from Ontolo

  1. 14 Link Prospecting Queries for Discovering Your Company's Related Verticals
  2. 44 Local Link Building Queries for Citation Prospecting and Opportunity Analysis
  3. Link Prospecting: Week 03, Link Building Strategies Video Series
  4. 27 Link Building Resources: the "Link Building Team Development" Edition - v12 7/23-7/29

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