36 Link Building News, Views + How-To's: the "Link Building with Experts" Edition (v9 7/2-7/8)

Welcome to our 9th roundup of the week's link building (and related) news, views and how-to's, discovered primarily via the vigilant, brilliant folks I follow on Twitter + trolling Link Building's Hot-or-Not on Sphinn. Special thanks (er, obrigado :) this week to @fabioricotta, Co-Founder of MestreSEO, for his submissions!

3 Upcoming Link Building Events/Webinars/Polls:

  1. Get Ready to "Get Local or Go Home!": July 15th
  2. "Five Key Tactics For Maximizing Link Seeking Response Rates": July 20th
  3. Poll: Would You Buy a Link From Link Brokers Like Text Link Ads?


17 Link Building How-To's and Thinkery

  1. Link Building this Month (06.2010)
  2. Link Building with the Experts – 2010 Edition
  3. Top world domains by backlinks
  4. Buying Links to Third Party Websites
  5. Case Study: I Listened to Google and I Failed
  6. Why No One is Linking to You
  7. Mapping Anchor Text To Landing Pages
  8. Where Is Your Link Army Hiding?
  9. Don’t Be A One-Dimensional Link Builder
  10. Tumblr & Posterous are Invigorating the Link Graph
  11. Reports of the Death of Guest Blogging for Link Building are an Exaggeration
  12. 5 Favorite Link Building Tools
  13. 5 Dirty Words in Link Building
  14. Links Do Not Have To Be Indexed To Count!
  15. Before you create Linkbaiting content you have to Ingest your Niche
  16. The Beginner's Guide to Getting Links From Bloggers (Video)
  17. Boy Do I Love Linkbuilding - And You Should Too


8 New Link Building Tools, Tool News, Tool How-To's:

  1. Analyse Your Anchor Text With The SEOgadget Anchor Text Tool
  2. Quick Anchor Text Analysis with The SEOgadget Tool (Ann Smarty's How-To)
  3. An Inside Look at Competitors Backlinks with Open Site Explorer
  4. Track backlinks historically to compare each link lost and gained using Excel and OSE
  5. Interview with Ken McGaffin of WordTracker (on the Link Builder Tool)
  6. Recorded Webinar: Raven's Site Finder & Backlink Explorer
  7. Paul May Interview: CEO/Co-Founder of BuzzStream
  8. The Launch of Linker - SEO's Version of Matchmaking


5 By or About Ontolo

  1. How to Conduct a Link Opportunity Inventory (Plus 9 Common Link Opportunity Types)
  2. Link Building 101: Introducing the Link Strategist + 4 Ways to Add "Link Thinking" Into Every Project
  3. Entrevista com especialista em link building Garrett French
  4. How to Discover Your Competitors’ Most-Shared Content
  5. Review of The Link Building Book


3 Link Building Quotes from Twitter

  1. @SebastianX: Thinking about a WP comment plug-in that turns spammy link drops into mailto:spammer links with disgusting anchor text.
  2. @theGypsy: Ya know what I want? A tool that cross references link data with say.... XML site map to identify orphaned links to dead pages
  3. @lyndoman: Sometimes, up to 80% of time spent constructing linkbait goes on research


10 Great Adjacent-to-Link-Building Articles

  1. Checking for Broken Links and Link Rot and the Importance of Good Site Architecture
  2. Data Blindness
  3. 12 Critical Keywords Every Company Should Monitor in Social Media
  4. Content Programs and SEO
  5. The State of Search for News
  6. How to Get the Media to Cover Your Business
  7. Facebook Like’s Impact on SEO
  8. A summer interview with… Greg Jarboe
  9. Information Architecture – Rocket Science Simplified
  10. SEO Content Strategy: Revamp Your Content to Capitalize on Missed Long Tail Keyword Opportunities

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