38 New Link Building Resources: the "Relevant Link Building Metrics" Edition (8/27 - 9/2)

Welcome, welcome, to this week's cascade of link building wonderment. This week the link building brains of our industry published five resources all relating to relevance and metrics in link building - to mark this happy event we floated all five to the top of the roundup. If you missed last week's round up, check it out here. Special thanks this week to Brian Foy for reminding us to get our video page straight, Mr. Don "teh Supernaut" Rhoades for being relentlessly awesome, Dave Harry just for being Dave, and Dana Lookadoo, an Ontolo patron saint, who launched Yo! Yo! SEO, all while expertly covering the Mozinar.

5 Link Building Metrics and Relevance Resources

  1. 6 Metrics You Need to Manage Link Building
  2. Re-Thinking Relevance in Link Building
  3. Going Beyond Social Media Reach (Relevant Reach...)
  4. How To Use Your Bounce Rate For Link Building Purposes
  5. Visualizing How a Link Spreads Through the Twitterverse

2 Link Building Soundtrack Suggestions

  1. Jake one - God Like (Instrumental) via Napoleon Suarez of an awesome SEO Company.
  2. Die Antwoord (instrumental-only player on homepage) via teh Supernaut

3 Link Building Videos

  1. How to Review 250 Link Prospects in One Hour: Link Building How-Tos Day
  2. Brent Payne of Tribune Shares Some Social Media Link Building Tips
  3. Kristina Halverson Presenting at SXSW in 2009 (content strategy is link strategy)

3 Upcoming Link Building Events

  1. Links, Link-Building and Public Relations w/ Eric Ward: September 16, 2010 (webinar)
  2. Ranking Factors, Link Building avançado, Google Analytics e mais: São Paulo, 18 e 19 de Setembro
  3. Cemper's Link Building Training: Thursday, 2.12.2010, Vienna

12 Link Building Resources

  1. Link Building this Month (08.2010) (Wiep's opening paragraph is PACKED with influence-related resources!)
  2. Link Building Query Theory: 7 Crucial Keyword Types for Link Prospect Querying
  3. 5 Link Building Questions That Make Me Die a Little Inside
  4. Improve Your Link Building by Fostering SHORT Term Relationships
  5. How to get links by gently farting into a leather sofa
  6. Overlooked Linkbait: The Value of Widgets, Quizzes, and Other Interactive Content
  7. 10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign
  8. Time for another look at TrustRank concepts
  9. Estratégias de Link Building – SEO In-house x Agência
  10. Online Reputation Management Expert Interview with Andy Beal
  11. The myth of the Tool Bar PageRank
  12. Does Facebook Face A Google-Like Issue With "Like Farms" and "Like Buying"?

6 Link Building Tool-Related Resources

  1. Local Search Toolkit (conducts occurrence counts of "More About This Place" citations... nice!)
  2. Tool for enabling screenshots of your content & embedding off site w/link back
  3. Link Building Software - What to Look for and What to Avoid
  4. Fixing broken links using Levenshtein Distance: A PHP tool
  5. Linkscape's August Update: New Domain Authority Numbers, Partners and More
  6. Majestic SEO API Explained

4 Linkish Mozinar Takeaways

  1. Seer Interactive Anchor Text Analysis Worksheet
  2. Wil Reynolds' Manual Link Data Aggregation Steps
  3. Day 1 at the SEOmoz Training Raceway
  4. From Clicks to Conversions at the SEOmoz Training Raceway

3 Links and Main Stream Media Resources

  1. AP announces editorial guidelines for credit and attribution
  2. In Defense of Links, Part One: Nick Carr, hypertext and delinkification

5 SEOish Musings + Resources

  1. How Google Cost Me $4 Million (...why Google traffic is a dangerous foundataion on which to build a business)
  2. SEO “correlations” and Reverse Engineering Google
  3. Sphinn to remove voting; thoughts from a power user!
  4. How are sitelinks generated?
  5. Search Engine Traffic Drops: How to Diagnose and Fix the Problem

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