4 Core Advantages of the Inhouse Link Builder

Are there advantages to bringing your link building efforts in house? Of course! We asked our 7 inhouse link builders to share the link building tactics and efforts that they think "work better" for inhouse than consultants, and why. It certainly appears there's a great deal to gain for bringing your efforts in house... That said, as link building tasks pile up it makes sense to outsource portions of your work!

Thanks to our contributors for this - find links to their complete answers at the end of this piece.

1) Industry Insights

Phil Buckley: I think working in-house gives you the advantage of living within your niche. Because your entire company is always immersed in it, you have a deeper understanding of the nuances. With that said, sometimes that understanding can make you attempt things because you assume it’s not possible.

Al Scilitani: I think product knowledge is the advantage here. In some industries, I am currently in telecom, it is very difficult to explain VOIP, SIP Trunking, and other terms to an agency. For us, inhouse may be best. For another company that does not have as complex products/services or ability to hire an in house staff for these specialized functions, an agency may be best.

Nadeem Anjum: You are involved within the target industry just that little bit more which can open opportunities. You hear things constantly, each piece of news maybe an opportunity.

2) Industry Relationships

Aaron Bradley: Leveraging social media for link acquisition can work better inhouse than externally, because there may be more time and resources available to develop meaningful interactions (which can take weeks or months). This is true not only of social media, but also of campaign marketing and public relations, where your marketers have built relationships they can potentially leverage for links. Inhouse you can afford to spend time developing long-term relationships, because those relationships - even if on the surface personal in nature - are ultimately company relationships. This is not to say there are situations where agencies can successfully build relationships, or leverage the relationships of other inhouse units effectively, but that there is a least a potential advantage in being on the ground with the full company team.

Don Rhodes: Exploiting the outreach of the firm’s contacts (Don works for a law firm) – I can accost someone at the coffee station about his alumni status and his recent publication in industry manuals. I have access into their personal and professional interests on a more intimate level.

3) Content Creation + Implementation

Ross Hudgens: Undoubtedly content creation for linkbait. We have the ability to build out resources on-page that agency link builders frequently just don’t have the ability to – especially as it comes to developing them. I worked agency for two years and never did we even bother requesting some content be developed – because the hassle and historical proof had shown that it was nearly impossible to get implemented. Leveraging things like merchandise giveaways to get links is another thing that agency SEOs just can’t do.

4) Outcome Ownership

Dan London: Outsourced link builders usually just try to get whatever links they can and meet their obligations. I’ve had them get me some decent ones, but most lacked any real quality. I'd rather receive 1 good link than have an agency try to pass off 10 crappy ones as decent. You care about your ROI - they care about getting you a link so they can bill you.

Special Thanks to Our Inhouse Link Building Contributors

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