43 New Link Building Resources: Two Weeks of Linky Goodness (10/8-10/21)

If you're link-centric enough to be reading this roundup, there's a pretty good chance you know we launched v2 last week :) We just announced free trials today too - sign up for yours here >> But enough about us ;P Our roundup is stuffed FULL of link building resources this week - another double-barreled blast of linky goodness. ENJOY! Here's the last roundup.

2 Upcoming Link Building Events

  1. Link Building - Because Just Being Awesome Isn't Enough (Oct 26th - Raleigh, NC)
  2. Link Global, Act Local: Building Scalable Linking Strategies for Large Organizations (Oct 28th - Webinar)

27 Link Building Resources and News Items

  1. Get Linked: How to Build Backlinks in Foreign Languages
  2. Do you think no-follow links are worth more than Google says?
  3. The Metaphysics of SEO Ethics
  4. 10 Things I Learned as a Link Building Intern
  5. Shake Up Your Link Building Efforts
  6. 3 Tips for Link Building with Odesk + a Decision Chart for Your Outsourcers
  7. Why LinkBait Doesn’t Translate To Dollars
  8. Talking Link Magnets with Aaron Kahlow
  9. Hands-On Tips For Link Building
  10. Inhouse SEO Link Building Interview
  11. How to Build Links with Email Marketing
  12. How To Help Clients Through Link Building Confusion
  13. Canonical Links Users Experiences
  14. Como Comentar em Blogs - Grey Hat Link Building
  15. Google’s Reasonable Surfer Model: A Scalable Solution to Paid Links?
  17. Advanced Link Building Strategies for Affiliate Sites Presentation
  19. Traits Of a Healthy Link Profile: Link Worth
  20. Traits Of a Healthy Link Profile: Link Velocity
  21. Traits Of a Healthy Link Profile: Link Relevancy
  22. How Guest Blogging is Getting Huge
  23. How to Promote Your Blog Old Content to Build Links and Traffic
  24. Blog Strategies: How to Build Relationships with Bloggers
  25. Google Updates Link Reports in Webmaster Tools
  26. Yahoo Closing More Directories, Now UK Directory
  27. BBC new linking guidelines issued – science journals mentioned

3 Link Building Tool Resources

  1. New Bulk Backlink Checker
  2. Standard Report "Majestic SEO Demo" (Check Out Majestic's Backlinks!)
  3. Internal Link Building v3 – More Natural Anchor Text and New Tabs

11 Ontolo-Related Resources

  1. Ontolo Toolset Review: The brightest SEO minds make the smartest SEO tools
  2. Link Building Made Easy With Ontolo
  3. Ontolo Link Building Tool Launch: Q/A with CMO Garrett French
  4. "Ridiculously Easy" Link Building with New Ontolo Tool: A Q&A with Garrett French
  5. An Interview With Garrett French: Ontolo Launches V2 Of Link Building Toolset
  6. The Ontolo Boys Make Link Building EASY with V2 Link Building Toolset
  7. New Release of the Ontolo Link Building Toolset
  8. Dojo Radio; Garrett French, Google Bombing and Monkeys Oh my!
  9. Interview with Garrett French of Ontolo
  10. Review: Ontolo Link Building Book
  11. Ontolo Link Building Book Review

Semi-Linky Related Awesomeness

  1. SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist (now THIS is linkable content! Brilliant!)
  2. 4 ways keywords can drive your blog’s editorial calendar
  3. What I Didn't Learn in College: Beginner's Basics for SEO
  4. Google Search URL Parameters – Query String Anatomy
  5. Serious Robots.txt Misuse & High Impact Solutions
  6. Content VS Context — Which Is More Important?
  7. Social Search Commands for Everyday Use
  8. Interview with Tamar Weinberg
  9. e-Newsletters: Great content, strong ties.
  10. Cup of Joe: My Talk With The Legendary Copyblogger
  11. Rethinking the Content Inventory: Exploration

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