44 New Link Building Resources: the "Blunted Anchor Text" Edition (9/10-9/16)

Welcome Linkers, to the link building resources firehose! Drink up, then go get you some links :) Here's last week's issue in case you're still thirsty. Big, though possibly blunted, thanks this week to contributors Napoleon "Philly SEO Company" Suarez, Webpage "Internet Marketing Services Company" FX, Nicola "Online Revenue Growth" Stott, Fabio "Aprenda SEO Online" Ricotta and Don "In-House SEO Superstar Supernaut" Rhoades.

4 "Blunted Anchor Text" Resources

  1. Anchor Text Has Lost Its Edge
  2. Anchor Text Loses Influence and Building a Brand Becomes Even More Important (discussion at Sphinn)
  3. Study On What Link Building Works in 2010 (Coverage at SERoundtable)
  4. Bush Links. The New Name For Paid Links

4 Link Building Joints

  1. Del vs. Dino: The Missing Link + Tangerine Dream (via DJ Supernaut)
  2. Armin Van Buuren (via webpagefx)
  3. MF Doom - Vinca Rosea (via Napoleon Suarez)

5 Link Building Events

  1. TODAY: Arnie Kuenn on Link Building #seochat on Twitter 7:00pm Mountain Time
  2. TODAY: Links, Link-Building and Public Relations w/ Eric Ward: September 16, 2010 (webinar)
  3. Free Training Webinar for Majestic SEO – 6th Oct. 2010
  4. Ranking Factors, Link Building avançado, Google Analytics e mais: São Paulo, 18 e 19 de Setembro
  5. Cemper's Link Building Training: Thursday, 2.12.2010, Vienna

15 Link Building Resources

  1. The Anatomy of an Influential Link Request Email, Part 01
  2. 106 Sponsorship-Based Link Building Queries
  3. How To Generate Links Through Media Relations
  4. Good Things Happen To Good Link Builders
  5. The Art Of Link Building For Established Brands
  6. Building the right links to your website
  7. How I Acquired Several PR4+ Links With Personalized E-mails
  8. The Link Party Is Never Over
  9. Link Building 101 - The Almost Complete Link Guide
  10. 10 Commandments of Link Building
  11. Link Building through Social Media Monitoring
  12. Tangential Relevance and Link Building
  13. QR Codes: Are You Ready For Paper-Based Hyperlinks?
  14. Should you be taking a V.C style approach to your Link Building
  15. SEO and Link Building: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Links

8 Linkable Content Creation Resources

  1. 2010 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Trends and Budgets
  2. Why Linkbaiting the Pope May Not be a Good Idea
  3. 4 Ways I Compose Posts to Drive Millions of Pageviews to Blogs Through Digg
  4. Book Excerpt: Can Videogames Be Journalism?
  5. 3 Linkbait Examples and Why They Worked
  6. The internet marketing guide to infographics.
  7. Winning Tactics for Content Creation and Marketing
  8. Public domain golden-age comic archive

8 Link Building Tools and Resources

  1. Influence Finder Review
  2. PR Tools for Link Builders
  3. GET THE MOST OUT OF LINKER! (free until October)
  4. My Blog Guest Tool Review by Wiep
  5. Interclue – The Link Preview FireFox Addon on Steroids
  6. How to see Fresh Link Data (in Majestic)
  7. Link Building Tools Page Updated
  8. Burn Bit: automatically turns any file into a torrent

SEO-related Resources

  1. Keystroke Optimization For Google Instant
  2. Why SEO Consultants Are World Class Marketers
  3. Competing in the Global Market for Online Travel
  4. Google Instant SEO Comic

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