46 New Link Building Resources: the Advanced Operator Edition - v14 8/6-8/12

To those about to link, Ontolo salutes you. Welcome, link builder. You are about to get smarter :) Every week I (@GarrettFrench) share a list of the latest link building and related resources. Here's last week's link building roundup in case you missed it. And here's next week's edition if you want to read ahead ;) Cheers, have a great weekend and as always feel free to @GarrettFrench with any resources you think should be in our roundups! Special thanks to @fabioricotta of MestreSEO for his twitter submissions.

46 Novas Fontes de Link Building – Edição do Operador Avançado (see this roundup in Portuguese... thanks to @Fabioricotta!)

3 Upcoming Link Building Events

  1. Perry Marshall vs. Eric Ward Webinar: How To Get Free Traffic Without Time-Wasting SEO Voodoo (Thursday, August 12, 2010 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT)
  2. Friday SEODojo Web Chat with Darren Shaw and Garrett French on the Local Citation Finder (8/13 12pm-ish EDT)
  3. Links, Linkbuilding, PageRank, and Google's Reasonable Surfer (August 16th, 1pm with Bill Slawski!)

2 Linkbuilding Podcasts and Video

  1. [Video] How You Can Assess Great Links: Link Qualification: Week 04 (by Ben Wills)
  2. WTF is reverse SEO? And where's the 'do-follow' tag? (interview with Darren Shaw on the Local Citation Finder)

4 Link Building Queries and Advanced Operator Thinkery

  1. 74 B2B Link Building Queries for B2B SEO Link Prospecting (by Garrett... pls Sphinn it? >>)
  2. Search Operators for SEO Linkbuilding
  3. Google Power User Tips: Query Operators
  4. 10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign

1 Link Building Poll + 5 Related Resources

  1. Are Link Exchange Emails Dead?
  2. The Anatomy of a Bad Link Exchange Email
  3. 6 Ways to Increase Your Influence and Persuasion
  4. How to engage with a social media influencer
  5. Link Building: It’s All In the Details
  6. 30 Awesome B2B Social Media Resources

15 Link Building Resources

  1. What to Look For in a Link Builder
  2. Link Building Expectations Formula
  3. 5 Ways to Build Links at an SEO Conference
  4. Onsite SEO Interview with Dave Harry (good link building advice + excellent book recommendation :)
  5. The First Link Counts Rule and the Hash Sign - Does it Change PR Sculpting?
  6. 7 Things to Watch Out for When Link Building
  7. The 4 Worst Questions to Ask a Search Engine Optimization Firm (Wil teaches link building as he teaches how to work with SEO firms... NICE)
  8. 5 Links Building Myths You Should Ignore
  9. How To Sell Links On Your Web Site
  10. SEO Myth: Are Competitors Backlinks Not Counted?
  11. How To Silo Your Website: The Masthead
  12. [Comic Strip!] Pay Me, or I'll Link to You!
  13. Google: "Probably Possible" 3rd Party Bad Links Can Hurt You
  14. Link to the past: why do some news sites STILL not link out in 2010?
  15. Dana Lookadoo's linkbuilding and garrett.french Bookmarks (thanks to Dana Lookadoo, I'm now officially internet famous ;)

7 Link Signal Thinkery Resources

  1. Is Author an Authority Signal for Google?
  2. Are social signals ever going to usurp links
  3. Social Links DO Matter – Especially for Social Sites
  4. What Happens When Link Popularity, well Becomes Less Popular? (via Marketing Jive)
  5. Popularity Is Irrelevant, Says New Measure of Influence on Twitter
  6. Signal Strength - Perspectives on No-Follow
  7. Reader Q & A: How Link Signals Can Be Misunderstood

4 Linkable Content Resources

  1. How to Write Highly Popular 30+ Item List Blog Posts to Get Links and Traffic
  2. 30 Content SEO, Marketing, Creation, Strategy & Promotion Insights + Resources
  3. Approaches to web content strategy
  4. Why I’m Not Cheap and Why That’s a Good Thing

7 Link Building Tool News and Hackery

  1. Best Link Tool Ever for SES San Francisco
  2. Local Citation Finder: Must-Have SEO Tool
  3. Readability Updated: An End To The Yank Of The Hyperlink (interesting tool, interesting perspective)
  4. 10 Great Local Search Tools That Don’t Exist Yet
  5. An In-Depth Look at Search Auto-Suggestions
  6. Google Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) (could be useful for demonstrating Link Building ROI)
  7. Using Excel for SEO – the Grand Collection of Tips


  1. Great list!

    Great list, I've already started looking into some of these articles. I'd like this list even more if you listed more link building videos worth watching :)

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