47 New Link Building Resources: the Link Builder's Identity Crisis Edition 9/3 - 9/9

Helloooooo link builders! Or should I say social media marketers? No, wait, you're PR experts now? Or... no, you're still SEOs? Eep! Welcome to this week's link building roundup - the link builder's identity crisis edition! Our top picks this week shine some light onto the emerging role of the link strategist! A big obrigado to Mr. "Consultoria SEO Fabio" as well as Don "Supernaut" Rhoades and Napoleon "SEO Company" Suarez for their instrumental link building soundtrack submissions!

There's been a lot written about Instant in the past 24 or so hours... My biggest insight came from Matt Cutts' anecdote on how Instant changed his searching patterns (personally, I found it distracting for the same reason). I also read a tweet that sums up a good link builder's approach to Instant :)

Here's last week's link building roundup.

6 Link Builders vs. Social Media vs. PR vs. SEOs Identity Crisis Resources

  1. How To Use Social Media Monitoring Tools For Outreach Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing is a PR Function
  3. Why PRs can be better link builders than SEOs
  4. How To Identify Industry Specific & Mainstream Media On Twitter
  5. Only 20% Find Traffic an Important Factor in Link Building
  6. SEOs Can't Agree on On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO Factors

4 Link Building Soundtrack Suggestions

  1. Klute via teh Supernaut
  2. Urbal Beats also via Supernaut
  3. Detektivbryan (discovered via cliqhop)
  4. Visioneers - It's Simple via Napoleon Suarez of an awesome SEO Company.

5 Link Building Videos/Podcasts

  1. How to Review 5,000 Link Prospects & Collect 1,500 Contacts for $525 with Amazon's Mechanical Turk: Link Building How-Tos Day
  2. SEO Dojo Radio; deconstructing Google and Debra Mastaler too! (Debra comes on at 27:11)
  3. Four Creative Link Building Tactics - Whiteboard Friday
  4. Why are links used in ranking when they all have the nofollow attribute?
  5. Is it OK to sell links as long as we use the nofollow attribute?

16 Link Building Resources

  1. New Referrals (Links) as Google Analytics Goals
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Writing Ultimate Guides - Part 2: Build Links, Leads and Legacy
  3. 8 Ways Backlink Analysis Can Offer Competitive Intelligence
  4. My job was to game Digg using infographics, voting networks, and bait-and-switch.
  5. The Truth About Infographics
  6. How to Stop Competitors Copying Your Links
  7. Prospecting Local Link Gold
  8. Natural Link Building: Past, Present and (Predicting) The Future
  9. Local Citation Finder – Onde Conseguir Citações para Google Places?
  10. 301 Redirect Test: How Much Link Juice are YOU Losing?
  11. In Defense of Links, Part Two: Money changes everything
  12. In Defense of Links, part three: In links we trust
  13. How Offering More Value Can Get You Less Links
  14. Link Building Magic: How to Turn Citations into Links
  15. How to Find the Best Internal Site Pages Based on PageRank and Backlinks
  16. Happy Backlink Day – 10 Септември

4 Link Building Resources from the Think Visibility Conference

  1. ThinkVisibility 2010: Cherry popping SEO goodness
  2. Linkbuilding In Real Life (Jaamit Durrani)
  3. Link Building in Real Life - a Practical Guide to Dominating the SERPs
  4. Link Building in Real Life - a Practical Guide to Dominating the SERPs (the slides)

5 Upcoming Link Building Events

  1. Free Training Webinar for Majestic SEO – 6th Oct. 2010
  2. Nofollow, Link Juice, Juice Siloing em Setembro de 2010
  3. Links, Link-Building and Public Relations w/ Eric Ward: September 16, 2010 (webinar)
  4. Ranking Factors, Link Building avançado, Google Analytics e mais: São Paulo, 18 e 19 de Setembro
  5. Cemper's Link Building Training: Thursday, 2.12.2010, Vienna

5 Link Building Tools and Related Resources

  1. GET THE MOST OUT OF LINKER! (free until October)
  2. make more link building queries, faster with http://mergewords.com/
  3. How Monitoring Tools Aid in Link Building
  4. YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool
  5. How to Actually Use Google Suggest Feature for Keyword Research and Beyond

2 Link Building Resources in Print Magazines

  1. Link Building For Beginners in 30 Minutes A Month in Search Marketing Standard Fall 2010 Edition
  2. suchradar (German SEO Mag) has an all link building issue this month

6 Stuffs Link Builders Like

  1. The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’
  2. The Power User's Guide to Google Analytics Hacks, Tips and Tricks
  3. Rand Fishkin Interview
  4. Strategic Content Management
  5. Capturing the Long Tail of SEO By Filling a Void [Case Study]
  6. Let Me Google That For You


  1. Very Helpful

    As always, this is very helpful. I read over the "New Referrals (Links) as Google Analytics Goals" post and it makes a ton of sense. I have asked our developer to go over that one with me as I am not as my coding knowledge is limited. Have you seen value in using that technique?

  1. Thank You!

    Thanks for linking to my blog post - "New Referrals (Links) as Google Analytics Goals"! Your site seems like a great resource for search.


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