49 New Link Building Resources: the Faster Link Building Edition! (9/24-10/7)

Ladies, gents, welcome to this double-barreled roundup of link building resources! We've got 2 weeks of ground to cover so let's just jump on in! (here's the 2 weeks ago roundup if you're interested: 35 New Link Building Resources: the New Link Building Tools Edition)

6 Ontolo V2 Link Building Toolset Resources

  1. Ontolo: Link Building Tools to Beat All Others!
  2. 12 Videos: the Ontolo Link Building Toolset Demo Tour!
  3. 24-Hour Jewish Delis and the Evolution of Link Building
  4. Our Biggest Announcement Yet: The Next Version of the Ontolo Link Building Toolset
  5. More Screenshots of the New Ontolo Link Building Toolset
  6. Ontolo Demos Link Building Tool with 12 New Videos

4 Inhouse Link Building Interviews

Post launch I will be turning these into a group interview... for now they live as solo interviews. Thanks guys!

  1. The Inhouse Link Building Group Interview Project: 14 Answers
  2. Gonzo (Inhouse) Link Building Survey
  3. In-House Link Building Survey
  4. In House Link Building Interview
  5. also received submission from Nadeem Anjum, Ross Hudgens and
  6. Dan London
  7. The Inhouse Link Building Group Interview Project: 14 Questions

3 Ross Hudgens Resources

Ross gets his own section this week. Check out his work and you'll understand why.

  1. How to Leverage Personal Brand to Rank Your Business
  2. Content Link Efficacy: Understanding Why Great Content Fails
  3. Link Directories: A Value Extraction Guide

2 Link Building DJ Jams

  1. from Napoleon Suarez: Pete Rock ft Cl Smooth T R O Y instrumental
  2. from supernaut: The Beatnuts + 32 mins. of DOPE ON THE TABLES by Aaron Lacrate

18 Link Building Resources

  1. The Fine Art Of Creating a Guest Posting Strategy
  2. 3 Things Link Building has Taught Me about Life & Vice Versa
  3. Safeguarding Your PC When Link Building
  4. 8 Flawed Link Building Strategies
  5. 25 Social Media Link Building Queries for Content Promotion
  6. 5 Tips to Kick Start Your Link Building via Social Media Monitoring
  7. How To Use Referrers To Track Link Building Efforts
  8. Link Building Basics At SMX East
  9. Competitive Analysis For Link Building
  10. How to Get Links on SEO 2.0 and Other Blogs
  11. Link Building The Philanthropic Way
  12. Show Me The Links – Link Building Strategies From The Pro’s – SMX East 2010
  13. Paid links are a fundamental part of ranking in competitive verticals
  14. The Importance Of A Follow Up E-mail For Link Building
  15. How to: Out Yourself for Buying Links
  17. SMX East: Show Me The Links
  18. The Ontolo Link Building Library: 77 Resources for Link Builders

4 Linkbuilding and Public Relations Resources

  1. 70 Online PR Queries for Press Release Link Builders
  2. Search, PR & Reputation Management
  3. Public Relations Lessons From Matt Cutts
  4. Newsknife Now Rating Journalists Based on Appearances in Google News

7 Link Building Tool Resources

  1. 5 Social Media SEO & Analytics Tools Worth Checking Out
  2. Link Research Tools: The All-in-One Backlink and Competitor Research Toolkit
  3. How To Use Google Instant As A Powerful Link Building X-Ray
  4. 5 Best Web Based Broken Link Checkers
  5. Webinar: Introduction to MajesticSEO Free Tools
  6. Influence Finder Review
  7. Bing Webmaster Center To Add Link Reports, Link Explorer & More

3 Interviews for Link Builders

  1. Link-Dealer: My Interview With Jay Young
  2. Expert Interview on Content Strategy with Rick Allen
  3. John Straw: a phoenix from the dotcom ashes (Influence Finder CEO)

2 Linkable Content Resources

  1. Guaranteed Best Value, Relevant, Highly Sharable Content – Instantly
  2. I Sphinn SERPD, and I SERPD Sphinn


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