50 New Link Building Resources: the Quick and Dirty Link Building Edition for 12/31-01/13

Ok, so here's what must have happened... Link building experts didn't stop writing over the holidays, they just stopped PUBLISHING. How else can you explain the leap from 27 resources last issue to 50 in this one? WOW. Ok link builders, here's your agenda. Get fresh cup of coffee/tea. Shut office door. Absorb.

See you in two weeks link builders (you may still be reading resources from this list by then ;) ...and Happy New Year!

The Quick + Dirty Link Building Series by Tom Demers

4 Link Building Events

3 Songs for Link Builders

via DJ Willis
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches

via DJ DoNaut
Werewolves of Chessboxin - Warren Zevon vs. Wu Tang
Under Pressure All the Time 50 Cent vs. Queen

27 Link Building Resources

11 Link Building Tool Resources

5 Content-Based Link Building Resources

And Still More Awesome...


  1. wow

    wow, i could spend hours reading through these and would need many cups of coffee. great list!

  1. Loved it - thanks for the resources!

    Loved this part of the post - 27 Link Building Resources - some great blog comments to work from them! Thanks ontolo!

    this here is my main concern for 2011 - Google Emailing Webmasters For Bad Links, Cloaking & More

    worry as it is - i think if they have resorted to such manual efforts, the spam team must be picking at straws!

    Thanks for the read!


  1. Good list of Resources

    Excellent list of interesting and useful links. I've come across the Tom Demers link building tips before - definitely worth a read, even as refreshers for advanced SEOers.

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