54 New Link Building Resources: the SES SF Edition! 8/13-8/19

Link builders, let me start with an apology. To you, your clients, your bosses and your significant others. Your productivity today is officially over... The GOOD news is that you'll get smarter, faster and more efficient at link building. So... you're welcome :D Ontolo's very own Ben Wills is working overtime at SES SF - if you only have time for one post check out How to Become a Link Magnet: with Brett Tabke, Rand Fishkin, Aaron Kahlow, Jim Boykin. Somehow he still had time to film and edit a video on link acquisition! Special thanks to Nicola Stott and Jaamit Durrani for their contributions.

14 SES SF Live Blog Posts (Mostly with a Linkish-Focus)

  1. How to Become a Link Magnet: Brett Tabke, Rand Fishkin, Aaron Kahlow, Jim Boykin
  2. SES San Francisco 2010: How to Become a Link Magnet
  3. Link Building Basics: Christoph Cemper, Debra Mastaler, Richard Stokes
  4. SES SFO: Link Building Basics
  5. SES San Francisco 2010: Link Building Basics
  6. Content Marketing Optimization – SES SF 2010
  7. Mike Grehan: Introduction to Information Retrieval on the Web
  8. B2B Search Marketing Tips: Lauren Vaccarello
  9. Twitternation & Automation; Tracy Falke, Paul Madden, Jeff Pulver
  10. The best #SESSF tweets - First day
  11. Scaling Up Your SEO Campaigns
  12. News Search Optimization
  13. Developing great content
  14. Successful Information Architecture

6 Link Building Videos + Webinars + Podcasts + News Sightings

  1. Link Request Emails, Preciprocation & More! Link Outreach and Acquisition How-To: Week 05, Link Building Strategies Video Series
  2. Ken McGaffin's "How to Build Links To Your Website" webinar
  3. Link Building Webinar with Perry Marshall, Eric Ward, and Rich Stokes
  4. SEO Dojo Radio episode 6: F-bombs and Microformats edition
  5. MajesticSEO on BBC Midlands Today!
  6. Video: Fantomaster Shares his SEO secrets

5 Link Building Events, Polls, Webinars + Info for Sale/Signup

  1. Ken McGaffin Link Building Webinar: 24th August 2010, 12 noon EDT
  2. The Fat Free Guide to SEO (now with more link building!) by Ian Lurie - $7 a month.
  3. The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers (ProBlogger vs. Glenn Murray = WIN... check the review I'm not an aff)
  4. Poll: Can You Hurt Your Rankings By Using Too Many Internal Links?
  5. Ganhe Bons Links com a Submissão de Artigos (membership required)

20 New Link Building Resources

  1. Link Building Victories and Failures (Wil Reynolds' Link Building Presentation at Affiliate Summit)
  2. Competitive Backlink Analysis with Excel + OSE (Wil Reynolds presented tactics from this article in his presentation)
  3. Link building techniques: Risk vs. reward
  4. 124 eCommerce Link Building Queries
  5. Internal Link Housekeeping
  6. 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Link to Your Website
  7. Google Webmaster Tools Link data – a case study
  8. Blog (Comment) Spam Works
  9. 10 ways to get keywords in your inbound linking text
  10. Five Myths About Link Building
  11. Investing in Link Building
  12. A Lesson In Link Building
  13. Adding Infographic to Your Link Profile
  14. My Face Builds Links! So Should Yours!
  15. Market Research for Link Building - Who You Can Get Links From
  16. Can One Solid Link Boost Your Search Rankings?
  17. [PIC] @SEOMofo explains How to Get Links
  18. SEO for Start-ups: Build Authority Offsite (this works)
  19. Optimizing Your Existing Links
  20. Fueling Your Local SEO With Citations

4 Resources for Visualizing Backlinks (via Wiep)

  1. Visualizing Anchor Text – Case Study
  2. Visualizing Back Link Data Using Venn Diagrams
  3. Graph Visualization: Summary of HCIL projects
  4. TouchGraph

3 Link Thinkery Resources: Lateral to Link Building

  1. External links from news sites - what should the user experience be?
  2. Does More Posts = More Traffic? (Would love to see IBLs added to this analysis :)
  3. 50+ Reasons To Cloak Links (& reasons not to)

2 Link Building Tool Reviews

  1. Local Citation Finder Review
  2. New! Local Link Building Tool: Citation Tool Finder

Still More Awesomeness

  1. How to Influence Social Media Influencers
  2. 10-Minute Missing Page Audit
  3. SEO 101: Page-centric Keyword Research
  4. Simple Testing Strategy for Microformats Implementation
  5. Keyword Research for Local SEO
  6. Google treating brand names in search terms as site: searches?

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