55 New Link Building Resources: the "Are You Snitch-Bait?" Edition for 02/11 - 02/24

So link buying cracked the mainstream press twice in the past two weeks... I almost long for the relative calm of 2 weeks ago when all we had to highlight was link prospecting ;) We captured the bulk of the coverage below - if you know of any good thinkery around any of these stories please comment. For the record what I saw of Overstock's discounts-for-EDU-employee methods really got the ol wheels turning...

And in case you missed it, I'd like to direct you towards the Ontolo review by Wiep. Yes, it's up on my refrigerator next to my son's first drawing ;)

1 Link Building Event

Would You Report a Competitor?

  1. Would you report a competitor to Google?
  2. The Dirty Little Secrets of Search
  3. Google Penalizes Overstock for Search Tactics
  4. Overstock Gets Penalized by Google
  5. The JCPenney Situation Is A Symptom Of A Bigger Disease
  6. The Pains of Rebuilding
  7. Unnatural Links message
  8. Hey Google: I know how to solve your paid links problem
  9. 10 Things You Should Have Learnt from the JC Penny SEO Fiasco
  10. Overstock.com's Google Rankings - Too Good?
  11. How Dare You Tell Me To NoFollow My Sponsored Links
  12. When are penalties lifted? (Matt Cutts Video)
  13. How paid links do not necessarily decrease the quality of the SERPs

2 Songs for Building Links To

  1. fatboy slim feat. Wildchild - Renegade master
  2. "Arguru" by Deadmau5

4 Link Building Expert Interviews + Resources

  1. Into The Minds of Link Builders
  2. Melanie Nathan: one-woman SEO show, link building master, bacon addict
  3. Search Geeks Speak; Link Building Panel
  4. Infographic: The Preciprocation Link Building Flowchart

25 Link Building Resources

  1. Can big brands engage in guest posting?
  2. 9 Ways to Work with Your Client's PR Agency
  3. Online PR and Getting Links From Major Media: 6 Examples
  4. 10 Years of Link Building Advice
  5. 4 Kinds of Prospecting Phrases for Link Building Queries
  6. Why Internal Links are More Important than Backlinks
  7. SES London 2011: takeaways and top tips
  8. Visualizing Link Flow Within a Site
  9. How to Build a Blogger Outreach Campaign, Part 2
  10. How to make a link bait that goes viral
  11. SES London 2011 – How to Become A Link Magnet
  12. Link Building Tools I Wish Someone Would Build
  13. How To Rank Nationally With Local Links
  14. Link Building with a Passion
  15. Turn Stolen Copy Lemons Into Link Lemonade
  16. Gain More from Your Link Building
  17. It’s Time To Optimize Your Links For Mobile
  18. 51 essential link building tips
  19. Getting SEO Value From Your Affiliate Links
  20. Don’t Break The Cardinal Rule Of LinkBait
  21. How to Find Quality Links Using Google Operators
  22. How Link Analysis Works for SEO
  23. 10 Local Search Tools I Simply Can’t Live Without
  24. 9 Questions To Ask After A Site Links To You
  25. Does Google still recommend 100 links or fewer per page?

5 Social Signal Building Resources

  1. 10 Links to Make Sure You Add to Your Google Profile
  2. The Next Generation of Ranking Signals
  3. Connections, Relations and Search: What Your Social Graph Says About You
  4. Google’s Search Results Get More Social; Twitter As The New Facebook “Like”
  5. A Tweet's Effect On Rankings - An Unexpected Case Study

6 Link Building Tools and Reviews

  1. See What’s New in Link Insight v3.0
  2. Introducing Majestic Site Explorer
  3. Ontolo Toolset Review by Wiep
  4. CA Getlisted Launches
  5. New SEO Tools: What Does Your Competitor’s Anchor Text Look Like?
  6. Extract Links from HTML

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Thanks for including one of my posts on the list of resources. As you well know, you guys are the bomb!

    Keep up the great work. You guys are true trailblazers on the link-building front.

  1. Too much great content

    The above just goes to show you can really get lost in all the great info in our industry :)

    I like the "snitch bait" - I called this "Rat Bait" in my last post (http://www.searchbrat.com/is-seo-about-to-be-an-industry-of-rats/) and am betting we are going to see quite a few blog posts outing sites.

  1. Thanks you for the shout out

    I can't believe we didn't catch this earlier - thanks for the shout, guys!

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