58 New Link Building Resources: Roundup for 10/22-9/4

Dig in link builders! This roundup features the top link building ariticles, news flashes, and all around linky brilliance of the past two weeks. If this isn't enough link building for you, check out our 10/8 - 10/21 link roundup.

See you in two weeks! And next time we're bringing the link building music section back :)

5 Link Building Presentations

  1. Advanced Link Building Techniques – Pro SEO Seminar2010
  2. Garrett French Talks Link Building at SEO Meetup
  3. Link Building in Competitive Niches – #ProSEO Seminar 2010
  4. 37 Takeaways from SEOmoz Master Class in Bulgaria
  5. Live Blogging BlueGlass Florida

25 Link Building Resources

  1. Link Building this Month (10.2010)
  2. How to Value Links?
  3. Deconstructing Link Value Factors
  4. DOTW: Do you think no-follow links are worth more than Google says?
  5. How To Clean Up Your Link Profile
  6. Scaling SEO by Eliminating Pain Points
  7. Sites Treated Differently For A While Regardless Of Inbound Quality Signals
  8. What Do You Really Want From Your Link Builder?
  9. What Google’s Place Page Update Means To Local Link Building
  10. How I Got a Do-Follow Backlink from a PR 10 Domain
  11. Complete Guide to Rel Canonical - How To and Why (Not)
  12. The Yahoo Directory is Dying… country by country…bye bye.
  13. Incorporating Geo-Targeting into Your Link Building
  14. Use Link: Search Command on Google to See 'Shared By' Results Per URL
  15. Using Customers for Link Marketing
  16. WordPress SEO: How to Use RSS and Scrapers to Build Links
  17. Vertical Measures Link Building Webinar Collection
  18. 3 white-hat link building practices
  19. Is Google Recommending You Try Paid Links?
  20. Links On Republished Duplicate Posts Pass Value?
  21. 10 Things I Learned as a Link Building Intern
  22. Get Linked: How to Build Backlinks in Foreign Languages
  23. Interview with Hugo Guzman of Zeta Interactive
  24. "Trick Or Link" – Is It Only Halloween When SEOs Manipulate Webmasters?
  25. How to Find Safe, Valuable, and Scalable Link Building Opportunities

12 Link Building Tools

  1. 4 Tools to Find Related Keyword Phrases for Varied Anchor Text
  2. Google Webmaster Tools Now Showing "Total Links"
  3. Yahoo Site Explorer Link Bug Fixed?
  4. Interview of Rich Skrenta
  5. Manage Multiple Link Building Campaigns with a Free Trial at Ontolo
  6. Product Update: Enhancements to Metrics, Backlink Checking and Roles-Based Access
  7. The truth behind Ontolo's awesomesauce
  8. How to Compare Two Lists in Excel
  9. Feature Friday: Raven integrates Basecamp, majorly updates link checker
  10. Ontolo vs. Jim Hedger on Webcology at WebMasterRadio
  11. Standard Report "Majestic SEO Demo" (peek under Majestic's skirt ;)
  12. "Get Off My Lawn!" A Free New Link Building Tool for Protecting Your Valuable Links

11 Content + Link Building Resources

  1. Introducing Universal IDs for Content Assets
  2. Is Your Content Right for a Slideshow?
  3. The Importance of Localized Content - Local SEO Takes Center Stage
  4. How to Effectively Use Testimonials
  5. How Embedding Content (to Third-party Services) Benefits Your Marketing Efforts
  6. How Not to Sully Infographics with Drunkenness: Lessons in Link Building
  7. Link Building with Infographics
  8. Link Baiting and Viral Marketing with Venn Diagrams
  9. Using Linkbait to Create a Strong Online Presence
  10. What impact is SEO having on journalists? Reports from the field
  11. Mouthwatering Linkbait: Food-centric Ways to Gain Readers

5 Link Building Outreach + Acquisition

  1. How Not to Get Links for Your Website
  2. The Accidental Link Request Clinic
  3. Link Building: 3 Strategies for Link Requests
  4. SEOs: Do You Do Link Building At All?
  5. The ultimate link-building secret weapon? "Thank you!"

Good SEO Stuff

  1. Query Deserves Freshness and Other Temporal Tales
  2. The 25 Absolute Most Difficult Keywords To Rank For - An SEO Nightmare
  3. Exact Match Domains
  4. Critical Thinking & SEO – Managing Learning and Your Approach to SEO
  5. Can we trust Google's data?


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