61 New Link Building Resources: the Post-Panda Link Building Edition for 02/25 - 03/10

Some link builders are longing for the days when being snitch bait was their only worry... Now we've got pandas making waves in the SERPs. This edition starts with highlights of Panda coverage, many with an emphasis on link building.

In brighter (for us) news, Ontolo's free link building query generator received a nod from an MSNBC video. W00t! This was in the same week that SEOFrogs launched a French-language link building query generator.

3 Upcoming Link Building Events

  1. TONIGHT - Link Audits with Tom Critchlow (@tomcritchlow) #seochat
  2. Friday, March 25 - Link Building Training - The Secret of SEO
  3. Distilled Linkbuilding Seminars 2011
    London: 18th March
    New Orleans: March 25th
    Description: Link Building Training: Do You Already Have All the Links You Need?

12 Post-Panda Link Building Resources

  1. The Farmer Panda Impact Nobody Is Talking About
  2. Your Site’s Traffic Has Plummeted Since Google’s Farmer/Panda Update. Now What?
  3. Google Panda Update: Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Link Building
  4. Searching Google for Big Panda and Finding Decision Trees
  5. 10 Tips on Adding Content Marketing to Your Mix
  6. Google Farmer Update – Self Diagnostic Kit
  7. The Death of Fluff Content: Content Strategy for Businesses
  8. British Medical Journal and Technorati among sites hit by Google downranking
  9. Google: We’re Working to Help Good Sites Caught by Spam Cleanup
  10. Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update
  11. The Past, Present, and Future of [Content] Farming
  12. How to Ride the Panda

7 Link Building Tools and Tool News

  1. Ontolo Mentioned @MSNBC: Top Five: Free SEO Tools
  2. French Language Link Building Query Generator
  3. aka: un outil de linkbuilding
  4. Getting links from your twitter friends
  5. Free Tool: Build Outreach Lists from Blogrolls
  6. Transforming Link Prospecting Workflows with the Ontolo Toolset
  7. Link Insight v3 Is Now Available!

9 Work Groove Tunes for Link Builders

  1. Junglist! from Marvellous Cain via @SuperNaut76
  2. Playlist for puttin your head down & grindin out solid SEO work via @DaveMinchala
  3. Kidz in the Hall - So Amzin' via @NapoleonSuarez
  4. "Ghosts N Stuff" by Deadmau5
  5. "Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi Remix)"
  6. "Phantom, Pt. II" by Justice
  7. "Arguru (Progression Remix)" by Deadmau5
  8. "Fortune Days" by The Glitch Mob
  9. "Dictaphone's Lament" by Tycho

2 More Link Buy Fallout Stories

  1. Google Penalized BeatThatQuote.com
  2. Google’s Action Against Paid Links Continues: Overstock & Forbes Latest Casualties; Conductor Exits Brokering Business

31 Link Building Resources

  1. How to Build Links with Infographics
  2. Link Building this Month (02.2011)
  3. How to Create and Promote Linkable Content with Very Limited Time
  4. What a True OpinionRank Might Look Like
  5. 5 Tips for Responding (or Not) to “Fake” Reviews
  6. Advice From A Link Building Poet Don’t You Know It
  7. Adam Audette on link building: ‘Don’t take shortcuts’
  8. Build Links with Badges & Brand Advocates
  9. Five Great "Hidden" Link Building Resources
  10. Too Many Links Too Fast Or New Site SEO Syndrome?
  11. 21-Day Link Builder Relationship Challenge
  12. How to Unnaturally Naturally Vary Your Anchor Text
  13. Creative Ways To Exploit Twitter For Link Building
  14. Link Building 101
  15. 9 questions to ask for better link building
  16. Why some sites link, and others don’t
  17. Can inbound links get my site penalized?
  18. A Link Building Blueprint: Utility Linking
  19. What Makes a Good Infographic?
  20. Paid Links & Directories: What is Google’s Paid Links Policy on a Directory Link?
  21. Link Bait Part 2: Top 10 Out-of-the-box Link Bait Ideas Ever (and Why They Worked)
  22. Link Building – What Now?
  23. What Happens When You Build 10,000 Dodgy Links to a New Domain in 24 Hours?
  24. 8 Tips for Blogging Old School; Building a Community of Links
  25. Resource Page Cocitation Analysis for Authority Link Builders (and Other Content Marketers)
  26. How to Create a Link Building Budget
  27. Link Acquisition & Contextual Relevancy [Part 1]
  28. Apresentação de Link Building
  29. Generic link-building post designed to piss people off
  30. Link Building – Get Ideas and Produce Linkable Content
  31. Breaking Down Link Rot: The Chesapeake Project Legal Information Archive's Examination of URL Stability*

4 Content Strategy Resources

  1. What Type Of Content Should My Company Produce?
  2. Link Building – Creating Exceptional Content for Boring Topics
  3. A Checklist for Content Work
  4. Content Marketing Strategies with Lee Odden – SES London 2011

2 High Utility Link Bait Examples

  1. Microsoft Excel for SEO
  2. 101 Free SEO Tips – 101 Easy, Low-Cost SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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