65 New Link Building Resources: the Competitive Backlink Analysis Edition for 01/14-01/27

65 link building resources... and I thought our last edition was a big one! I'm not going to take a second more of your time with an intro - you're going to need the time for working your way through this encyclopedia of link building... I hope to see you tonight on #SEOChat - I'll be discussing link prospecting!

4 Link Building Events

3 Songs for Link Builders

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7 Competitive Backlink Analysis Resources

  1. Why competitive link analysis wastes your time
  2. Why a Link Analysis is Anything But a Waste of Time
  3. Guide to Competitive Backlink Analysis
  4. How To: Performing a Competitive Link Analysis
  5. Backlink Analysis: Root Domains vs Total Links
  6. Google’s Strongest Backlinks
  7. Competitive Intelligence: Using KOB Analysis for Planning SEO Campaigns

30 Link Building Resources

  1. Paid Links V Content Programs
  2. Gab Goldenberg - Delegating & Scaling Link Building
  3. CLOCKWORK PIRATE (new link building ebook)
  4. Every white hat link you obtain for clients is paid for
  5. Effective Link Building Strategies Webinar
  6. Link Building Tips & Strategies
  7. Link Building 101: 5 Simple Ways to Build Links that Have Authority AND Great Anchor Text
  8. Google's Thoughts On Link Building Through Comment Spamming
  9. Why Every SEO Needs A Little Black Book
  10. Finding Potential Link Partners
  11. Link Building 2011; what works and what doesn't
  12. Are "False Positives" Proof Directory Submissions Still Work?
  13. Easy Links and Competitor Info Using MeetUp
  14. The Truth About Link Building Is That It’s Usually Hard Work
  15. Analyzing a magazine website for link prospects (Link building course part 4)
  16. 33 Link Building Experts and Tools to Follow on Twitter and Why
  17. 6 Ways to Help Non-SEOs Spot Link Opportunities
  18. Building Links Your Competitors Cannot Build
  19. Can You Confuse Google With Your Internal Anchor Text?
  20. Enterprise SEO Tip: Leverage media buys for link building
  21. The Growth of Linked Data
  22. Alternative Ways to Find Sites for Link Building
  23. Are You A Link Loud Mouth?
  24. 3 Ways to Avoid the First Link Counts Rule
  25. A Plea To Make Your Links More User Friendly
  26. Lessons Link Builders Can Learn From England’s Bungled World Cup 2018 Bid
  27. How to Get Links from Journalists
  28. Link Building Q & A (with Ken McGaffin)
  29. Linkbuilding met bloggers: Netwerken is de key
  30. Winning Award Competitions: Five steps to find and submit the best application and publicize your win.

3 Link Building Interviews

  1. 10 SEO Questions with Nichola Stott
  2. Expert Link Building Interview with Wil Reynolds
  3. Link Building Demystified: 7 Questions with Rand Fishkin

5 Social Resources

  1. Finding social influencers within your existing email database
  2. Affecting The Social Graph While Focusing On Link Building
  3. Does Twitter have an impact on indexing speed
  4. Getting a grip on social signals in search
  5. The Social Graph: Revolution or Evolution?

6 Content Resources

  1. Content Marketing Tips from 5 People Who Know
  2. 10 reasons why list-based posts work well online
  3. An Introduction to Content Strategy
  4. SEOChat on Content Marketing and SEO
  5. Is SEO a Dirty White Lie?
  6. How does content strategy differ from corporate communications strategy?

10 Link Building Tool News and Resources

  1. Large Scale Link Prospect Qualification with the Ontolo Toolset
  3. Local Citation Finder has a fresh coat of paint
  4. Product Update: BuzzStream E-Mail Research Tool
  5. What are the best paid tools for link building?
  6. 2011 Best Link Building Tools
  7. How to Avoid Link Builder's Block with Chunking (and 6 Other Tools)
  8. Linker Now Offering FREE Unlimited Matches
  10. Why are Majestic Backlink counts Bigger?

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  1. Great Link Building Resources!

    Just bookmarked this page - thanks guys!

    I love the throw-back Eric B and Rakim reference - "pump up the volume.. pump up the volume.."

  1. Thanks Ryan! And you have Don

    Thanks Ryan! And you have Don Rhoades to blame, er, thank for the Eric B and Rakim :)

  1. This roundup is a necessity!

    As active as I am at hawking the latest resources, there are many that I miss like Gab Goldenberg's. Thanks so much for putting this together for us every week, G.

  1. Great post - Except for the songs...

    Garrett, great resources here ! The songs are funny too but make me a bit reluctant to RT it to my followers (which include SEO customers) -- just some friendly feedback.

    But glad to have discovered your site. I'll be back !

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