70 Online PR Queries for Press Release Link Builders

You're responsible for getting word out about your company's big news. It's important news actually, IRL, no hype or fluff. You're several weeks out from announcing your news and you'd like some additional real-live press targets. Because it's just you running the campaign (and writing the press release + outreaching to contacts + washing bottles), you'd like to find sites that openly solicit for press releases, tips, news and rumors... Here are the queries for you! (Note: all of these queries are in our free V2 Link Building Query Generator! (+ learn more about it here if you'd like...)

(Special thanks to Fabio Ricotta, co-founder of MestreSEO, for suggesting this direction of inquiry!)

Before you jump in with adding your market defining keywords to these queries, try them plain... this will give you a sense of who's out there. Further, we've found that with these queries in particular you need to make sure that your MDKW is as broad as you can make it. And you may need to fiddle a bit with what specific word you're using, as well as whether or not you're using quotes.

22 Inurl Online PR Queries

These queries specifically target news/tip submission and contact pages out there, but from the URL level. We found these by investigating common patterns at the URL level. There are probably more, and we'd be grateful (free ebook + shout out in round up grateful :) to anyone who discovers and sends in other common Online PR footprints (send to Garrett.French -at- Ontolo.com)!

  1. [MDKW] news inurl:submit
  2. [MDKW] news inurl:send
  3. [MDKW] "breaking news" inurl:send
  4. [MDKW] "breaking news" inurl:submit
  5. [MDKW] "news tips" inurl:send
  6. [MDKW] "news tips" inurl:submit
  7. [MDKW] "press release" inurl:send
  8. [MDKW] "press release" inurl:submit
  9. [MDKW] "product pitch" inurl:send
  10. [MDKW] "product pitch" inurl:submit
  11. [MDKW] rumors inurl:send
  12. [MDKW] rumors inurl:submit
  13. [MDKW] "product information" inurl:send
  14. [MDKW] "product information" inurl:submit
  15. [MDKW] "breaking news" inurl:contact
  16. [MDKW] "news tips" inurl:contact
  17. [MDKW] "press release" inurl:contact
  18. [MDKW] "product information" inurl:contact
  19. [MDKW] "product pitch" inurl:contact
  20. [MDKW] "pitch us" inurl:contact
  21. [MDKW] "news tips" inurl:about
  22. [MDKW] "pitch us" inurl:about

48 "In Quotes" Online PR Queries

These in-quotes queries are often a bit more longshot, and based on relatively rare on-page language footprints we found on press contact pages. Again, run through a few of these without your MDKWs... This will give you a sense of what's out there and how narrow you may have to get with your MDKWs.

  1. [MDKW] send us "your * news"
  2. [MDKW] send us "your * tips"
  3. [MDKW] send us "your ideas"
  4. [MDKW] send us "your media advisories"
  5. [MDKW] send us "your news"
  6. [MDKW] send us "your pitch"
  7. [MDKW] send us "your press release"
  8. [MDKW] send us "your product pitch"
  9. [MDKW] send us "your rumors"
  10. [MDKW] send us "your story"
  11. [MDKW] send us "your tips"
  12. [MDKW] submit "your * news"
  13. [MDKW] submit "your * tips"
  14. [MDKW] submit "your ideas"
  15. [MDKW] submit "your media advisories"
  16. [MDKW] submit "your news"
  17. [MDKW] submit "your pitch"
  18. [MDKW] submit "your press release"
  19. [MDKW] submit "your product pitch"
  20. [MDKW] submit "your rumors"
  21. [MDKW] submit "your story"
  22. [MDKW] submit "your tips"
  23. [MDKW] "contact our writers"
  24. [MDKW] "contact our editors"
  25. [MDKW] "email us" "your * news"
  26. [MDKW] "email us" "your * tips"
  27. [MDKW] "email us" "your ideas"
  28. [MDKW] "email us" "your media advisories"
  29. [MDKW] "email us" "your news"
  30. [MDKW] "email us" "your pitch"
  31. [MDKW] "email us" "your press release"
  32. [MDKW] "email us" "your product pitch"
  33. [MDKW] "email us" "your rumors"
  34. [MDKW] "email us" "your story"
  35. [MDKW] "email us" "your tips"
  36. [MDKW] "email us" "product information"
  37. [MDKW] send us "product information"
  38. [MDKW] submit "product information"
  39. [MDKW] "pitch us" "product information"
  40. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your * news"
  41. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your * tips"
  42. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your ideas"
  43. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your media advisories"
  44. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your news"
  45. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your press release"
  46. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your rumors"
  47. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your story"
  48. [MDKW] "pitch us" "your tips"

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