74 B2B Link Building Queries for B2B SEO Link Prospecting

Are you running low on link prospects for your B2B link building efforts... or just having trouble getting started? This article provides 74 queries for discovering new backlink prospects based on what's inherently linkable about your site or organization. Beginning and intermediate B2B seos will appreciate the structure behind the queries - we've organized them according to 18 types of link opportunities AND by 3 major types of link building campaign. Advanced B2B SEOs may just find a query or two to add to their link prospecting tool box...

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Acronyms used in this article:
We, from time to time, create word combinations in an effort to quickly describe a complex (to us) idea. These acronyms are examples of these combinations, and they're used in the queries below to designate specific keywords. Note also that these acronymns should make it very easy for you to "find and replace" once you've picked out some queries to use.

  1. [MDKW] - Market Defining Keyword: Read the definition. In short, a term or terms that broadly describes your industry... What your industry calls itself.
  2. [CCN] - Competing Company Names: Brainstorm a few competing company names and put them in quotes if necessary.
  3. [ITL] - Names of prominant Industry Thought Leaders: These are the top experts in your industry... having a few of their names typed out will help you build some of the queries below.
  4. [RVKW] - Related Vertical Keyword: Related or adjacent verticals are non-competitors that are tangentally associated with yours. Read more about related vertical keywords here.

B2B Content and Engagement-Based Link Building Campaigns

Great content, talent and industry news *can* attract links with little to no promotion - especially search engines trust your site and there's market demand for your knowledge or information. That said, content can generate far, far more links and referral traffic if you promote it. These queries will help you to uncover prospects that may want to link to you, or otherwise engage with your company's expertise in some way.

Some Associated Linkable Assets:

  • Subject matter experts
  • Thought leaders
  • Social media team
  • Community engagers
  • PR team
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Web developers

> 3 B2B Industry News and Trade Pub Queries

Your industry news and trade publications can provide some of the highest-value links you'll ever get. Whether you're guest publishing an article from your subject matter experts or seeking coverage for a new tool, service or product trade pubs are a crucial source of links that drive high-value referrals as well as impact your search rankings.

  1. [MDKW] trade publications
  2. [MDKW] news
  3. [MDKW] "trade pubs"

> 3 B2B Blog Queries

A list of industry-oriented blogs can give you several days worth of link building work... or several months if you're in a blog-heavy space. The core question you're seeking to answer is: "How can I add value to the bloggers' existing or future content?" You may also consider reading 4 'Preciprocity' Templates for Content-Based Link Builders and applying the approach to bloggers in your space.

  1. [MDKW] blog list
  2. [MDKW] blogroll
  3. [MDKW] blogs inurl:"best OR recommended OR favorite"

> 5 B2B Guest Placement Queries

Add value to blogs and other publishers in your market, and earn some quality links, through guest content placement. Many high-profile niche coverage sites openly solicit content submissions from experts in the market.

  1. [MDKW] inurl:contributors
  2. [MDKW] inurl:category/guest
  3. [MDKW] "guest article"
  4. [CCN] "guest article OR post"
  5. [ITL] "guest article OR post"

> 4 B2B Interviewer Queries

Interviews drive great traffic - in fact we've found that interviews drive more leads than standard how-to articles. Find interview opportunities for the thought leaders and subject matter experts in your company using the following queries.

  1. [MDKW] intitle:interview
  2. [MDKW] intitle:"experts interview OR talk OR discuss OR answer"
  3. [CCN] interview
  4. [ITL] interview

> 3 B2B Forum Queries

Some B2B spaces are blessed with old, respected and well-moderated forums. If yours is one then you or your subject matter experts should be involved, asking questions and giving back to the community at large. And dropping the ocassional relevant and value-add link.

  1. [MDKW] forum
  2. [MDKW] community
  3. [MDKW] "sign up OR register OR join"

> 3 B2B Social Media Queries

While these queries may not directly result in links, they will certainly help you to understand who has gotten most involved on Twitter and Facebook. Learn from them, follow them and share their content if it's relevant and high quality.

  1. [MDKW] twitter "list OR users"
  2. [MDKW] twitter "to follow"
  3. [MDKW] "on facebook"

> 4 B2B Tool Queries

If you've created free - or even paid - tools or calculators for your industry then these queries will help uncover places to pitch them, share them or submit them for links.

  1. [MDKW] tools
  2. [MDKW] "free tools"
  3. [MDKW] "tool comparison"
  4. [MDKW] "submit * tool"

> 3 B2B Linkbait Queries

Have infographics, widgets and top 10 lists invaded your space yet? These queries will help you see how others are using these common forms of linkbait. Be sure to capture the URLs of the linkbait you discover. That way, if you make your own, you can find promotion targets with Simple Linkbait Co-Citation Analysis for Link Prospecting.

  1. [MDKW] widgets
  2. [MDKW] infographic
  3. [MDKW] "top * list"

> 4 Related B2B Vertical Queries

If you're in an industry that is link stingy, has few publishers, or if you've "saturated" your current opportunities then you should consider targeting your supplier and other related industries. You'll have to know the keywords that they use to describe their market though. We recommend reading 14 Link Prospecting Queries for Discovering Your Company's Related Verticals for more information.

  1. [RVKW] blog list
  2. [RVKW] resources
  3. [RVKW] news
  4. [RVKW] trade publications

More content-based campaign design resources:
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B2B Resource Submission Campaign

Submission campaigns concentrate more on assets and resources that have already been created... In the B2B market these kinds of resources (white papers, webinars) are often focused on lead generation. The exciting news is that other sites will want to publish links to these resources (though sometimes they DO charge) - you just have to LOOK for them.

Some Associated Linkable Assets:

  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Whitepapers
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Widgets
  • Informational RSS feed
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

> 4 B2B Resource List Page Queries

Resource lists are commonly upkept by passionate, orderly and highly-critical individuals, sometimes referred to as "curators" or, professionally, "librarians." These sorts of resource lists come in the form of weekly roundups as well as highly-valuable hand-updated lists that were around long before SEO. These queries will help you find them, though may turn up a good deal of spam as well...

  1. [MDKW] round up
  2. [MDKW] round up intitle:"weekly OR daily OR monthly"
  3. [MDKW] inurl:"links OR resources"
  4. [MDKW] intitle:"list of"

> 4 B2B Reviews, Comparisons and Recommendation Queries

In many cases you should reach out to sites or individuals that compare, review or recommend products or services that you provide. Sometimes these will be blogs, sometimes trade publications, and sometimes lead gen sites. Either way, if your company isn't on a list or site that it *should* be on, you've got some work to do!

  1. [MDKW] comparison
  2. [MDKW] reviews
  3. [MDKW] recommended
  4. [MDKW] intitle:"best OR top OR recommendations"

> 6 B2B Content Distribution Queries

Are there sites in your space that discuss, list, review or even host pieces of content? Find them and reach out. Some will let you direct submit, while others will require a personal outreach email.

  1. [MDKW] "submit OR post" whitepaper
  2. [MDKW] "submit OR post OR list" webinars
  3. [MDKW] "submit OR post OR list OR recommended OR best" video
  4. [MDKW] "submit OR post OR list OR recommended OR best" podcast
  5. [MDKW] "read the full article" OR "link to original post"
  6. [MDKW] RSS Directory

> 4 B2B Event Listing Queries

If your organization organizes, hosts or leads events then you should be submitting them to event listing sites. Further, events are fantastic as news items for pitching to trade pubs and industry bloggers (see queries above).

  1. [MDKW] events
  2. [MDKW] submit event
  3. event listing [MDKW]
  4. [MDKW] event calendar

> 5 B2B Job Submission Queries

Similar to events, there are sites out there that seek to list job openings for your market. Many of them are paid, and many don't follow links. Some will only show your link for as long as the job is available. Qualify them carefully and you'll find some great opportunities.

  1. [MDKW] jobs
  2. submit [MDKW] Job
  3. add [MDKW] Job
  4. [MDKW] post job
  5. [MDKW] jobs inurl:.edu

B2B Budget-Required Campaigns

Some link opportunities require the exchange of money, goods or services. This section contains queries for finding everything from niche directories on down to local sponsorship opportunities for B2Bs that concentrate only on certain regions.

Some Associated Linkable Assets:

  • Money for donation, sponsorship, listings and memberships
  • Goods for donation
  • Services for donation

> 5 B2B Association Queries

Are there associations or other organizations related to your industry? Many of them provide profile pages with links back, sponsorship opportunities, guest publishing opportunities, speaking opportunities and MORE.

  1. [MDKW] "association for"
  2. [MDKW] "of America" (or other geo-locale)
  3. associated [MDKW]
  4. [MDKW] organization inurl:.org
  5. [MDKW] professional organization

> 4 Niche B2B Directory Queries

Niche directories typically have decent to good rankings and should send some organic traffic your way. Further, they look great on brand-related searches. Lastly, oh yes, they often deliver value in the SERPs :)

  1. [MDKW] directory
  2. [MDKW] directory "add OR submit OR suggest OR post"
  3. [MDKW] listings
  4. [MDKW] "list of * companies"

> 7 B2B Sponsorship and Donation Queries

Sponsorships and donations can generate a great number of links for your organization. These queries will point you towards related opportunites.

  1. [MDKW] spons* list
  2. [MDKW] partner* list
  3. [MDKW] contribut* list
  4. [MDKW] donor* list
  5. [MDKW] donat* list
  6. [MDKW] support* list
  7. [MDKW] grantor* list

> 3 B2B Local Queries

If you're building links and citations in a local B2B market, these queries will help you turn up some prospects. You should also check out 44 Local Link Building Queries for Citation Prospecting and Opportunity Analysis and Phone Number Co-Citation Analysis for Local Link Builders for more local prospects.

  1. [State] [MDKW] Directory
  2. [City OR State] [MDKW] Group
  3. [City OR State] Chamber of Commerce

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