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Link building service design doesn't get much discussion (that I've seen...). I'd like your help in changing this. Why? Because agencies face unique problems in building links for clients. In the interest of growing the conversation around link building services - and the possibility of learning from your esteemed peers - I humbly request your participation in the Agency Link Building Survey! Responses are due by April 22nd.


  1. Answer any or all of the questions below
  2. Post answers to your blog and tell Garrett - Garrett.French@Ontolo.com
  3. OR send answers directly to Garrett.French@Ontolo.com
  4. I need your contributions by the 22nd of April

What You Get:

Getting to Know You

  • How long has your agency offered link building services?
  • What does your agency do to build links ie: what's the range of your agency's link building offerings?
  • How have your link building services changed since you began offering them? Since Panda?
  • Do you offer link building as a stand alone service? Why/why not?

Link Building Campaign Design + Execution

  • How do you determine what link building techniques/efforts/campaigns to use for a given client?
  • Can you share how you structure your teams to execute these tactics?
  • How do you find link prospects (sites/pages you engage with) for your clients? How does this change from client to client?
  • What link building processes do you use for SERP impact? What have you done to make these processes more scalable or repeatable?

Effective Client Management

  • What questions do you ask to qualify a prospective client for your link building (or SEO/marketing) services?
  • How do you get clients to perform tasks related to link building?
  • What are your actual, tangible link building deliverables? How have these changed since you began offering services?

Link Building Tools

  • What tools does your organization use the most for link building (project management, discovery, etc...)?
  • What link building tools - or tool features - don't exist yet, that should?

Service Design

  • If you were advising a new agency on developing a link building offering, what questions would you ask them? What advice would you give them?
  • How do you learn/find/discover new link building techniques?
  • How do you arrive at pricing for your link building campaigns?

Did I leave any questions off? Add them in your answers and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!

Answers So Far

  • Yours will be first!


  1. Garrett vanished?

    I was looking forward to participating in this survey from Garrett... did he disappear?

  1. Hi Cory, Garrett's gone on to

    Hi Cory,

    Garrett's gone on to his own project now, over at Citation Labs! He's also published the results of the agency survey over there.


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