A New, Customizable, Instant Link Prospecting Tool. Free for Ontolo Subscribers.
By: Ben Wills |

This has been released! See the release announcement here.

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The main thing we’ve focused on is speed: We want you to get as many link prospects as quickly as possible. Period. To give you an idea of how quickly you can build prospect lists, here are three processing times for random reports we threw together. Each report had five Prospecting Phrases.

  • 7,922 Link Prospects URLs found, 4,962 Unique. Time: 42 Seconds
  • 3,492 Link Prospect URLs found, 2,714 Unique. Time: 27 Seconds
  • 715 Link Prospect URLs found, 389 Unique. Time: 14 Seconds

We’ve got a major new Ontolo Toolset addition being released on Tuesday:
     Instant, Customizable Link Prospect Lists.

It’s called the Custom Prospecting Tool and it’s designed for more advanced link builders who want to customize their link prospecting and want their prospects *NOW*.

We’re stoked to add this to all subscriber service levels: FOR FREE.

How to Build Huge Prospect Lists, in Under a 60 Seconds

  1. Create a Prospect List Name.
  2. Enter up to 5 keywords. We call them Prospecting Phrases.
  3. Select a Link Type you want to prospect. (We combine your keywords with various “Link Type” link building queries.)
  4. Choose how many of the top SERP results you want for each link building query: 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100.
  5. Submit your options.

Then, just wait a minute or two, refresh the page and your link prospect list should be ready to download as a CSV file.

It works just like you would run your own link building queries on Google. Only…we do it super fast, then organize, score and rate the link prospects for you. You just tell us what you want, then download a CSV a minute or two later and you’re done.

Features and Other Awesome Stuff

  • With no other reports in the queue (which should be the vast majority of the time, you’ll see why), we setup a report with five keywords and pulled the top 100 results. We wanted to create a “large” prospect list. This ran dozens of link building queries (combining the five keywords with various link building queries for our selected Link Type), resulted in 7,922 URLs, 4,962 unique URLs and took: 42 SECONDS. You’ll be creating huge lists very, very quickly.
  • Choosing the “Top X SERP” results allows you to build smaller, higher-quality lists or to build larger, broader lists.
  • We’ve created a simple algorithm to prioritize the link prospects based on where they rank and how often they appear in the search results for link building queries. When you export your list, it will be prioritized by this score and sorted by the most valuable domains, making it quick and easy to go through your most important link prospects, first. You get three separate scores for the link prospect's Domain, Subdomain and URL.
  • It’s a FREE addition to all paid accounts. That’s how much we love you.

How Many Prospects Do I Get?

To prevent all of our members running tons of reports on the last day of the month and hosing up the systems, we’ve opted to set daily limits on the number of link prospects we’ll find for you each day. And, compared to other similar services, we decided to make these numbers BIG.

We made it simple so that you get as many URLs per day to export from the Custom Prospecting Tool as your automated limit per month.

Account Levels and Number of Prospects from the Custom Prospecting Tool:

  • Solo: 5,000 Unique Link Prospect URLs per day. (Up to ~150,000 per Month)
  • Professional: 15,000 Unique Link Prospect URLs per day. (Up to ~450,000 per Month)
  • Advanced: 30,000 Unique Link Prospect URLs per day. (Up to ~900,000 per Month)
  • Competitive: 50,000 Unique Link Prospect URLs per day. (Up to ~1,500,000 per Month)

This is Freak’n Sweet. How Do I Sign Up?

Trial accounts will have access to this as well. Sign up today and it will be added to your account on Tuesday.

See Plans & Pricing →

For existing subscribers, just hang out and it’ll be added to your account on Tuesday.

What Does it Look Like? I want screenshots!

Entering your link prospect list details:

Sub Text

Viewing your Custom Prospect Lists:

Sub Text

What’s Next?

If you’ve already got an account, just sit tight and wait for the announcement on Tuesday with the tool URL, tutorials and more.

As for the tool…we specked this out last November, decided to push this feature early, and have even bigger features to be added throughout the year. We’ve designed what we believe is an exceptional automated link building toolset in the world and we’re looking forward to bringing you the most advanced customizable link building tools throughout the year.

(And we’ve got an awesome new SEO tool coming soon, too.)

Stay tuned.

Ben & Andy

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