New Ontolo Feature: Exclude Low-Quality Domains from Link Prospecting & Searching
By: Ben Wills |

One of the main features that has been requested recently is the ability to exclude domains from your link prospect database searches.

Taking it a couple steps further than your requests, we released the following features today.

Domain Exclusions for Campaigns

At the campaign level, you can now define domains the exclude from both prospecting and database searches on a per-campaign level.

If you have a list of sites you've already approached, think are low quality, are competitors, etc, you can add all of those so they don't show up in your search results.

We will also not add these prospects to your database and, therefore, those prospects will not be taken from your monthly prospecting quota.

In short, you will be able to exclude certain sites so that we're only finding the best link prospects for you.

Domain Exclusions for Your Entire Account

In addition to the above feature of excluding domains on a per-campaign basis, we have also given you the ability to similarly define domains that should be excluded from searches and prospecting across your entire account. This way, you can define certain domains once, and they will be excluded from all current and future searches and prospecting.

Competitor Domains are Also Excluded

We have now also removed your Competitor's domains (that you've defined in the Campaign Manager) from all prospecting and searches.

Ontolo's New Hotness:
Manually-Reviewed, Low-Quality Domains

We have lots of link prospecting data, and lots of ways to slice it up. And we also hate wasting our time. And we hate wasting your time.

So, what we did was build some lists of sites to review that we thought might show up most often as link prospects. Then we started manually reviewing them. And the ones that we identified as low-quality, we're now keeping out of your prospecting and prospect searches. In short, we're doing extra work so you don't have to, and so that your link prospect lists are more relevant and valuable than ever.

Ontolo's pre-reviewed, low-quality sites are now removed from both searching and prospecting as well. This list is currently at almost 500 domains that we've manually reviewed and found to be either low-quality, unlikely to give out a link (e.g. apple.com), or a site that you would decide to approach without having to prospect for it (e.g. cnn.com). We're also adding to this list on a weekly basis.

And, if you don't want us excluding domains for you, you can always disable this feature in the Campaign Manager, as shown by the checkbox in the screenshot above.

Finally, we've also set up the Instant Prospector so that these domains are also removed by default from the quick link prospect lists you're building. Another way we cut your link building time by reducing your review time.

Do You Have More Feature Requests?

Do you have more feature requests? If so, let us know over here!

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