5 Questions that Increase Your Link Request Conversions

Q1: Why does your link prospect operate a website?

A: He's providing value to his site visitors either for his profit, his passion or both.

Q2: Why should your link prospect STOP his current task - obviously related to providing value to his visitors - and add your link to a page on his site?

A: Because by including your URL on his page he INCREASES that page's value to his visitors.

Q3: How can you tell if your URL adds value to your prospect's site?

A: Because your URL contains content - created prior to or FOR your campaign - that compliments or trumps the content at those other previously-linked URLs.

Q4: How do you know if YOUR content compliments or trumps content created by other sites in your space?

A: Because you researched the specific URLs (NOT domains...) he links to, along with the URLs linked to by other similar link prospects. This research informed your content creation and link prospecting efforts.

Q5: Can you quantify - or in some way demonstrate powerfully - the improvement in experience that your PROSPECT'S VISITORS will have once he adds your link?

A: If so, congratulations - you will have a successful link building campaign.

If not, then you need to find someone who can help you evaluate whether it's your content or your pitch that needs to improve in order to increase your link request conversion rate.


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