7 URL Selection Tips for Link Builders: How to Choose Which Pages to Build Links Into

Certainly you should be building links to your website, but to which pages? To achieve maximum ranking increases it's vital to begin with careful, strategic selections - and sometimes alterations - of your site's URLs.

This article identifies seven different types of URLs that would make excellent targets for a link building campaign... It also encourages marketers to consider thinking in terms of URL-level link building campaigns. We even recommend that you structure your work (spread sheets, keywords, tracking, notes, internal knowledge holders etc...) per URL for maximum results.

These strategy tips augment the process outlined in the Link Building Guide >>

1) URLs that Function as Paid Search Landing Pages
You already organically optimize your paid search landing pages for their target keywords, right? Since your paid search team honed these pages to razor-sharp instruments of mass conversion it's now time to increase their organic search traffic for their proven keywords.

Link Opportunities to Watch For:

-Product lists/product recommendations/product comparisons that mention your product but don't link
-Product lists/product recommendations/product comparisons that don't mention your product
-Factually inaccurate assessments of the product/service on your URL
-Raving adulation of specific product/service
-Build links to your highest organically ranking paid search landing pages first

Who to Tap Internally for Input or Guided Link Acquisition:
Product managers, top sales people for the product/service, product developers, and in some cases the CEO could all be potential contributors to any comment thread participation, link requests or interview offers.

2) URLs that Convert Visitors into Leads
Do you have any URLs that are known contributors to email newsletter sign ups, trial software downloads or white paper requests? These are key URLs for link building campaigns as increasing their rankings will increase the number of visitors who convert into leads for your organization.

Link Opportunities to Watch For:

-Free resource (white paper, application, newsletter, etc...) recommendation lists

Who to Tap Internally for Input or Guided Link Acquisition:
The original content creators could provide useful input on crafting link requests or comments.

3) URLs that Naturally Align with Large, Rank-Influencing Linker Segments
You may already be sitting on a link opportunity gold mine. For example your large scale backlink research may reveal a large number of influential forum and blog conversations about your company's return or shipping policies - or those of your competition. If these conversations don't include links to your shipping policy page then join those conversations and look for natural ways to build links. If your market size warrants consider creating a community facing role that covers such issues directly and transparently.

Link Opportunities to Watch For:
-discussions of your company's shipping or return policies
-discussions of your company's environmental policies
-product quality discussions
-common factual inaccuracies

Who to Tap Internally for Input or Guided Link Acquisition:
-Ideally PR and Marketing are highly involved and engaged here... and nothing beats the actual CEO for making a few, well targeted comments in highly trafficked community sites. Any managers involved or related to the URLs you're building links to should have input as well (ie: shipping managers should have input on how the organization addresses shipping issues).

4) URLs that Already Have Links and/or High Traffic
URLs that have already earned links provide you with ample opportunity for increasing their value and rankings. First look for sites similar to those already linking. Then look for higher traffic, higher influence sites and write some highly targeted emails. Look for ways to distribute this page through social media as well. Be sure to reoptimize all the standard on page factors.

Link Opportunity Examples:

-Previous or inadvertent link bait

Who to Tap Internally for Input or Guided Link Acquisition:
-The authors of that content may potentially have a higher rate of link acquisition if they're the ones making requests. Consider letting them take a look at your link prospects - they may even have contacts at some of the sites on your list.

5) URLs that Provide Answers to Common Community Questions
What types of questions - how-to and otherwise - are common amongst the community and social media sites that influence search rankings for your keywords? If you already have pages adressing these questions then these URLs could provide you with ample content for building links.

Link Opportunities to Watch For:

-Forum, answer page or social media conversation threads

Who to Tap Internally for Input or Guided Link Acquisition:
Ideally your internal knowledge holders can at least frame the links you're making with unique content, or ideally become contributors themselves. Again, if the size of your market warrants it you may consider creating a community-facing role here as well.

6) Ranking URLs with Proven Conversion Value that Fluctuate Due to Competition
Link building can help to stabilize your URLs that fluctuate in the SERPs due to high levels of competition - or their newness. If ranking these URLs contributes measurable value to your organization then this makes them logical targets for your link building campaign.

Link Opportunity Examples:

Who to Tap Internally for Input or Guided Link Acquisition:

7) URLs that Rank on Page 2-3 for Your Valuable Keywords
Do you have converting URLs that rank on page 2 or 3 of the SERPs? These are prime targets for link building, as often just a few extra links will put them into the higher traffic positions. Building links to these URLs can help you show rapid revenue results for your efforts.

Link Opportunity Examples:

Who to Tap Internally for Input or Guided Link Acquisition:

By structuring your link building campaign around your site's URLs you position your site to achieve maximum benefit from your large scale link research efforts. As a side note, your efforts should include aligning - as best as you're able - keyword link text, keywords in your tags, keywords on the page and the keyword relevance of your link prospects.


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