Link Building Experts Discuss Backlink Analysis: a Contributor Thank You from Ontolo

We recently conducted a group interview on backlink analysis for our column at Search Engine Land. We asked 30 link building experts 9 questions on backlink analysis and how they use it for campaign design, their favorite tools, and the finer technical details of what exactly they analyze.

Here it is: 30 Link Builders Discuss Backlink Analysis For Campaign Design

And here is Part 2: 71 Technical Factors For Backlink Analysis (From 30 Link Building Experts)

And Part 3: Backlink Analysis: 20 Uses Beyond Link Building, Part 3 of 3

Because of the word volume we decided to turn it into 3 separate articles, and our wheels really started turning on how we could design future group interviews more effectively (fewer questions for example :).

As a way of anchoring our thanks to text, we put up this list of contributors to the backlink group interview.

>> Roger Montti - MartiniBuster

>> Jeremy Bencken - Websimple, an Austin-based SEO firm

>> David Lewallen - International SEO

>> Ryan Clark - LinkBuildr.com

>> Shaun Anderson - Hobo Web SEO Company

>> Eric Enge - president of Stone Temple Consulting, an SEO consultancy outside of Boston.

>> Brian Gilley - SocialSEO: advanced link building

>> Jennifer Van Iderstyne - SEO reporting & Consulting

>> Paul Teitelman - SEO Toronto

>> Melanie Nathan - Edmonton SEO company specializing in link building for small to medium sized businesses

>> Brian Chappell - Owns a link development firm called Adapt Marketing where he is able to drive increased organic rankings for clients via social media marketing initiatives. In his spare time he runs lead generation projects in various online verticals.

>> Michael Gray - Graywolf SEO Blog

>> Wil Reynolds - SEO company

>> Tom Demers - Tom Demers is the Director of Marketing with WordStream: An Internet Marketing Software Company. You can follow Tom Demers on Twitter, or stop by the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog, where he’s a frequent contributor.

>> Ken Lyons - Ken Lyons is the Marketing Manager at WordStream, a provider of keyword research tools for researching and grouping keywords. He also does consulting work, focusing on SEO in Boston.

>> Wiep Knol - linkbuilding

>> Gab Goldenberg - Professional SEO Services

>> Christoph Cemper - SEO Tools

>> David Harry - SEODojo + Reliable SEO

>> Arnie Kuenn - Link Building Services

>> Ann Smarty - My Blog Guest - for Guest Posting

>> Dixon Jones - SEO TOOLS - MajesticSEO - Intenet Marketing Consulants

>> Debra Mastaler - Link Buiding Services

>> Julie Joyce - LinkFish Media

>> Dennis Hettema - http://hette.ma

>> Elias Kai - www.google-kai.com

>> Bill Hartzer - Vizion Interactive

>> Eric Ward - Link Marketing Expert

>> Ken McGaffin - Wordtracker

>> Aaron Wall - SEOBook


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