"Round Up" Writer Queries: Link Building Prospects for Your Linkable Content

Once you've published a solid, linkable piece of content on your site you have to promote it. If you work in a market that has created a blogger ecosystem, then you should start by targeting these writers. The best bloggers to start with are those who publish daily or weekly lists of news, stories and other notable items that they liked. These are typically called roundups...

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To find bloggers who write round ups you use round up queries combined with your market-defining keywords.

Here are some that we've found useful...

Start with these:
[mdkw] roundup
[mdkw] blog roundup
[mdkw] "best of"

And if you're finding too many, or too few, try some of these:
[mdkw] intitle:roundup
[mdkw] intitle:"round up"
[mdkw] intitle:"weekly roundup"
[mdkw] intitle:"weekly round up"
[mdkw] intitle:"best of"
[mdkw] inurl:weekly-roundup
[mdkw] inurl:roundup
[mdkw] inurl:round-up
[mdkw] "link love"

And please - treat these people well... They can be your greatest allies in your content promotion work! If you really want to play your cards right, do a group interview with all the roundup writers in your keyword space... This gives them even more incentive to link to you :)

Do you know of any other queries for roundups? I'd love to hear them :) @GarrettFrench them to me :)

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