Bullet-Proof Your Backlink Profile Against Link Stalkers
By: Ben Wills |

This is a guest post written by Alex Petrovic an Advanced SEO strategist at Dejan SEO company [Dejan SEO's Twitter]

You’re working, link building and making progress and all of a sudden you're noticing your competitors are tapping into same link sources, sniffing your backlinks and taking over. You're pissed off, we all hate link stalkers, and there is too many of them out there. So what can you do?

Answer is not that simple, success of a link building campaign for long term depends on the links which are hard to replicate. So how do we build those kinds of links?

  • Relationships
  • High level of engagement
  • Purpose
  • Physical engagement

We start link building with already present relationships. If you are doing SEO for an established business they surely have suppliers, partners, offices, and you can always try to build links using online relationships with hosting companies, design and developers and using known company people for outreach. Mostly any company has marketers or simply people that are active online or known as authority in their respective market. All of those connections can be used to create unique links that cannot be replicated without the basis of those relationships, of which most are unique for your clients business.

The next step is to get out there and present your brand, engage readers, customers, potential partners and the joined social media that responds to your business or the business you are promoting and building links for. High level of online engagement is the current goldmine for building authority links by building relationships first. Contacting anonymous webmasters is a thing of the past, if you want to get some amazing links you need to dedicate time to engage your fellow marketers and potential partners. Just having a Facebook page or a Twitter profile where you will post your company updates is not good enough. You need to talk to your audience, offers them something of interest at all times. Another thing you should look into is creating highly engaging content, like presentations, offers, promotions or something of value that is also free, like exclusive webinars, of which all can become forms of link bait that will earn links on their own.

This gets us to purpose. Although we all strive for a natural link profile, and we can get it with engaging content and offers, when we set our mind on building links we need to think of the purpose. Like I said in the beginning, there is no use for blind links, no one will benefit from that, so what you need to think of first is strong and unique purpose and a reason for having link on a certain website or a page. Relevance is important, but there are other things you need to think of. First one I like to look is the traffic a link from a certain page may generate, which is one of the ways to determine the value of a link. Besides relevance and traffic you really need to think the purpose of that link, a generic website won’t provide much value in the long run, but a link from a software review blog can provide great value to a software company. For successful link building campaign we need to step out of the usual mindset of thinking and concern ourselves with quality, purpose, long lasting relationships and the direct influence of each single link we build.

Of course all of that can be much easier if we present ourselves personally. Getting to know someone online is great, and there can be some great relationships built just by using social media or building toward your authority, but the best type of relationships are built on the ground, physical engagement. For business those can be conferences, seminars, business events or any other happening related to your business where you can meet, connect and engage.

Link building is networking, you should never forget that, and one part of networking is keeping those connects alive. I have seen many link builders making a mistake of stopping the relationships once they get what they want, a link in this case. So make sure to stay active and keep your relationships going for you, as you will need them.

To make this a bit more than a theoretical post made to sound smart here are some tips and ideas to use for your link building effort.

Advanced search queries are used to find links with purpose, for those of you not proficient with advanced search queries there is a Firefox plugin you can use, but it works on older versions of Firefox only. If you want to find some sites by hand here are some handy queries:

  • Keyword + intitle:“write for us” is used to find guest posts, replace keyword to match your market needs and vary “write for us” with “contribute”, “guest posting”, “guest blogging”
  • inpostauthor: is a search query you can use to find guest posting opportunities by following the footprints of known people in your market, example query would be inpostauthor:”author name”
  • One of the ways to engage media by giving and promoting your business is by making donations, which can in return bring media attention as well as link. So you can start with queries like “inurl:.org donors + keyword” and “inurl:.edu donations + keyword” or go even more in depth by using “sponsor 2012 "link on" * "website" site:.edu” and other variations with wildcard operators.

If you want to save time and even be given more options you can use the improved Ontolo prospecting tool, which can give you an amazing number of queries to use for finding prospects and getting some high quality links.

Fresh ideas and some creative thinking can get you a long way in link building. One thing you should always pay attention to is your competition. Don’t just browse through their links and get the easy ones. Get the quality ones and doing that for more than one competitor can get you a great advantage as competitors are lazy. If they can't get the link quickly or pay for it they will give up quickly. So don’t be like that, the best links are hardest to get and require more effort, if you can build a link in 5 minutes, can you really think that link will bring some major quality? I’m sure Google doesn’t see it that way, so place you thinking cap on and be creative, engage your audience and build relationships that will last, with that your link building efforts will bear fruit to some high quality backlinks that can’t be easily replicated.

And remember, with a bullet-proof link profile you can sleep easily at night knowing your links are safe from link stalkers.


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    Great article! Thanks alot! :) NO CHANCE FOR LINK STALKERS!

  1. A lot of practical advice in

    A lot of practical advice in concise manner. No one likes link stalkers. But by reverse engineering it is very is for them to find out your footprints. But one thing we miss as you mention here is that these guys are doing link building for the sake of self-gain but the main theme should be relationship building. In this case your link will be of qualitative and permanent one.

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