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By: Ben Wills |

It's a painful moment when you've completed a guest posting campaign, then later finding out that you missed an incredibly valuable opportunity you could have used for yourself or your client.

Perhaps the most important part of guest posting in a content marketing campaign is to ensure you've thoroughly researched for the most valuable guest post opportunities. The problem is, research takes time. It's tedious. It's easy to mess up and miss things. And, unless you're a nerd (nerd-alert here with six years of Science Fair under my belt), you probably don't enjoy culling through page after page, query after query, query permutation after query permutation (x guest post, x guest writer, x guest author, etc) in order to find the best guest post opportunities. Usually, you much prefer either writing, doing the actual outreach, or designing a campaign.

All that work just to find great guest posting opportunities? That's where Ontolo comes in.

All you need to know is some keywords or key phrases around your topic. That's pretty easy. You usually know the keywords you're targeting when you're designing a guest posting campaign, right?

Just plug them into Ontolo as Prospecting Phrases. Then select "Guest Posts" from the "Ontolo Link Building Templates."

A couple of minutes later, you'll receive an email letting you know your report is ready for download.

In it will be hundreds or thousands of topical guest post opportunities, already prioritized for you, and already with important information like link opportunities, contact information (Email address, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, and more), and critical link data you can use to assess the value of a guest post opportunity or even the likelihood you'll be able to obtain a link from that page or website.

Discover Guest Posting Opportunities You May Not Find Otherwise

Because Ontolo aggregates results from a range of searches, then prioritizes results in a certain way, only the best, most valuable, most topical guest posts makes it to the top of the list.

The test report screenshot below (which took less than four minutes from setup to download), is aimed toward finding research on CrossFit, a fitness lifestyle that is both popular and highly effective. Living here in Boulder, Colorado, I know many people who are involved in CrossFit, including several who are also starting businesses in the fitness and nutrition industry.

If you simply type into Google a search for "CrossFit guest post," your top results are filled with sites that aren't necessarily about fitness (let alone CrossFit), but have guest posts about the topic. So, with the most obvious query to start with, you do find guest post opportunities, and they are relevant to your topic (CrossFit), but the sites where they are published aren't going to be the best sites for you to publish. The top five results I'm seeing come from MizfitOnline.com (a personal blog), followed by SanFranciscoCrossFit.com (a local fitness site), DubYaWife (a personal blog), DaiManuel.com (a personal blog), and CrossFitNewHaven.com (a local fitness site).

Now, those obviously aren't bad results. But if I'm guest posting on a topic, I'm going to want to publish on websites that aren't limited to location or a personal blog. I may want to publish on those sites later, but probably not as the foundation for an entire campaign.

With Ontolo, because of how your research and queries are distributed, aggregated, and prioritized, you can add several simple keywords like "cross fit," "crossfit exercises," "crossfit advice," and "crossfit athlete," then get a prioritized list of all of the variations of searches for guest post opportunities.

The results now look much better with the top three results from TabataTimes.com, BreakingMuscle.com, and CrossFit.com.

Additionally, you can quickly see that BreakingMuscle.com has three of the top posts (sorted by URL Score), indicating that they are likely to be even more open to guest post opportunities. You can also see the most commonly-occurring websites if you sort by domain score or subdomain score.

Let me put that another way: You will increase your guest post request conversion rates BECAUSE you can quickly gauge (based on Subdomain Score or Domain Score) what sites are both highly relevant to your topic AND are more likely to give you guest posts.

You just can't do that with manual queries, and with Ontolo, it's so easy you don't even have to try. It's built right into it.

What Guest Post Topics Would Be Most Successful?

Another benefit of researching your guest post opportunities with Ontolo is that, because of how the URL Score is calculated, you get to see some of the most successful guest posts on your topic rising to the top of the list.

This then not only gives you a list of ideas for what to write, but it also lets you see what posts have been most successful by showing up in the most search results and in the highest-ranking positions. Often, these are the posts with the most comments, links, etc, which are all indicators that a post has gained attention. And, for you, these are the kinds of topics that can lead to even greater exposure.

Think through some groups of keywords for your next guest post campaign, then head over to the Instant Link & Content Prospector to plug then in as Prospecting Phrases. Then just select "Guest Posts" from the "Ontolo Link Building Templates" drop down.

How to Outreach and Confirm Guest Post Opportunities Even Faster

I've already shown you how you can discover sites that are more likely to publish your guest post because they've published multiple guest posts before (sorting by Subdomain Score and Domain Score).

And I've shown you how you can find more valuable guest post opportunities in how Ontolo aggregates and prioritizes your targeted research.

Another way using Ontolo to make your guest posting campaign even faster and more successful is how we also include contact information with each opportunity we find. Ontolo is the only custom prospector that also crawls every URL to find contact information like email addresses, Twitter accounts, contact pages, and more. It significantly reduces your contact research time, giving you more time to approach more sites that are more likely to offer up an opportunity to you.

In short, content marketing meets link building.

Try Ontolo for Free, Right Now.

Best of all? Trying Ontolo is free. So sign up now, try it out, and let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook what great guest post opportunities you're finding and how quickly you're finding them with Ontolo.

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