"Get Off My Lawn!" A Free New Link Building Tool for Protecting Your Valuable Links
By: Ben Wills |

I'm not sure if you knew this, but I grew up in what used to be a small town just north of Dallas, Texas. We didn't ride horses to school, but I was told that not long before I moved to that town, it used to be cotton fields as far as the eye could see.

By the time we moved there though, it had become one of those happy little slices of suburbia...manicured lawns and all.

And so, when you're in the fifth grade in the 80s - and you know you're the new hotness, with your hypercolor shirt under your overalls with one of the straps undone - sometimes it's just *easier* to cut through someone's lawn on your Celadon-colored Diamond Back BMX bike. (And, yes, I just looked up that color.)

I distinctly remember that lawn we used to cut through on our way to and from the lovely Davis Elementary...mostly because, one day, there popped up two metal poles planted in the yard with a thick, metal tripwire about 18 inches off the ground, going across the lawn perfectly perpendicular to the way "us kids" used to ride our bikes.

But as I found out then, and continue to find out from friends and family to this day, it turns out that we don't like it when kids are taking shortcuts on our manicured lawns we've invested so much time into so that they look just /that/much/ better than our neighbor's.

We're animals. We're humans. We're territorial.

When we feel like we've earned something, we work hard to keep it.

Ironically, I remember reading in a couple of different places that you're more likely to work harder in order to keep from losing something than you would work in order to gain something of equal value.


So I got to thinking about those links that you've worked so hard to earn...how do you know they're still there? How do you know that the link text didn't change? How do you know they haven't added a bunch of other links to that page? How do you know they didn't add a ... *GASP!* rel=nofollow attribute to it?

And thus, the Ontolo Backlink Monitor was born.

If You Wanted to Find About this Before Everyone Else

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What the Backlink Monitor Does for You

Here's how it can help you, right now, to see if other people are stomping on your perfectly manicured backlink landscaping:

  • We monitor your link text, follow status and the number of links on the page.
  • We keep a two week history for each link you're monitoring, so that you can see if and how things have changed.
  • You get daily email reports *if* something changes.
  • You get weekly email reports to let you know if something changed or if everything is still cool.

Here's how to get started

  1. If you don't have a FREE account, set one up here:
    Then, login here:
  2. Click here to setup the links you want to monitor:
  3. Click here to view your Backlink Monitor report:

* Note: As you add or change links you're monitoring, we'll check it within a few minutes, then you'll receive an email letting you know the link has been checked, directing you to the report to see how it worked out for you, if the link is broken, etc. SO, if you add a link to monitor, then save, then add another, then save, etc, you might get more than one email. Just a heads up on that.

Need Some Help?

If you need help with anything, simply reply to this email and it will go straight into our support system and we'll get back to you asap!

Really? FREE, free?

And, yes, this is totally, 100% free. Our paid members get to monitor a greater total number of their links, but you'll always have the ability to monitor your X best backlinks here, for free.

Free? Like...FREE free?

Yes. FREE free.


Because we <3 you.


And forever.

Near and far.

Closer together...


P.S. If you think you might know someone else who might find the Backlink Monitoring Tool useful, would you let them know by sending them this email or posting about it on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/SocialMediaAppFTW?

P.P.S. This is the first of three new, FREE Ontolo link building tools coming out over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more!

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