How You Can Assess Great Links: Link Qualification: Week 04, Link Building Strategies Video Series
By: Ben Wills |

How You Can Assess Great Links: Link Qualification: Link Building Strategies Video Series 004

Welcome to Week 004 of the Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series! Link Qualification

The shortened video below, is a quick overview of what you can see in the extended, 26 minute version here. If you register (it's free!) you'll get immediate access to a higher-quality video that's has some great, in-depth training and information. Once you register, just head to this page to view the full video!

Following up on last week's video, A Step-By-Step Guide to Link Prospecting, you should now have a pretty great list of potential link prospects. The next step is to take that list and make sure you're going identifying the most valuable link prospects for your campaign.

In this video about Link Qualification, we help you to answer the question of: How do I find great links?

This week, we discuss the following frameworks for Link Qualification:

  • Relevance scoring and how it affects search engine rankings.
  • Value assessments and how it affects the core value, or PageRank, of your website.
  • Social Connectedness and why it matters for the future of your search engine rankings.
  • Qualification processes for reviewing up to 250 links per hour. This is a big one!


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