Infographic: The Preciprocation Link Building Flowchart

Guest post from David Wolf of InBusiness, Inc. an internet marketing firm.

The purpose of this article and flowchart is to set a clearly defined scope around how to use interviews and outreach to build links with authorities in a niche. This article does not cover the concept of preciprocation in depth because the topic is thoroughly covered throughout the Ontolo blog.

It is immensely helpful to have a clearly defined process for connecting with other authorities in your niche. Following this flowchart will create an actionable closed loop you or your team can follow that will cultivate valuable links and relationships in your niche.

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Importance Of Documenting Processes

In my experience with running an SEO consulting firm. A clearly documented set of processes to use your time and resources more efficiently can transform your business in the time frame of just weeks. By doing this, you will have a dramatic impact on both the amount of time it takes you to complete tasks, and the effectiveness of implementation. Your team will also be able to step back and look at which parts of the process could be improved or added upon to save time, and increase effectiveness. As of the writing of this blog posts I am working on the integration of the link prospecting tool set that Ontolo has created to improve the efficiency of the discovery phases of the process for our own firm. I estimate that that what currently takes us 10 hours of work, can be decreased to only two with a good amount of refinement. This means that we get to decide which course of action to take as a by-product of those gains. We can either charge more per hour to our clients because we are providing stronger effectiveness, or we can choose to cram more value for the same price. Regardless of which action we choose, a documented process gives us the opportunity to work towards a win win choice.

Efficiency Through Specialization

The creation of a workflow chart for this process also makes it easier to see what types of skills are needed for various parts of the process. If you are alone, you may be forced to do them all on your own. If you are part of an agency or team, you will have different team members with different skill sets. Use them! Link prospectors may not be as well suited for outreach as someone who has more of a social media background. Being able to hand a list of high authority publishers in your target niche that are known to link to you out reach team can drive huge increases in functionality. This follows the basic economic theory of specialization.

Having The Right Management Tools To Make It Work

We use Basecamp to manage the entire process, which doubles as a way for us to track the time that each step of the process takes in order see where we can improve the most. It also has a great excel export feature that allows you to slice through data to see where you need to focus your attention. For example, the inclusion of a community manager in the equation came out of the insight that it took far too long for our SEO specialist to engage our various targets. In our case, they are also more costly to employ and there is no sense having someone who's time is more valuable spending it where you could get someone to accomplish the task that is not only better at it, but costs less to achieve it. This follows the same principle as website designer firms use and allows me to revisit the idea of specialization. While independent designers will often times be the graphic designer, html/css coder, and PHP developer, larger website design firms will tend to split these functions up. This is mainly because of cost/hour and effectiveness/hour. Someone who does graphic design all day everyday will most likely be faster than a PHP developer is at designing a site. He will also most likely be less expensive hourly, and do a better job at designing than a PHP developer. Even if he costs the same hourly rate, he/she (I realized is was being chauvinist to late in this article...sorry) will most likely be much faster at accomplishing the task in their respective expertise. Identifying the strength's of your team and having them focus on what they are best at is a sure fire way to improve your efficiency and the quality of the work completed without raising cost.

Competitive Advantages - Create Them Or You Are Toast

As a finance major at UCF, I learned that there are only two ways to make money long term from trading stocks. You either had to be the quickest at trading or the best at evaluating them. The quickest traders work for multibillion dollar firms and have the aid of supercomputers, or have insider information. The best are the likes of Warren Buffet who understand how markets works so well that they are constantly making decisions that aren't understood by others until years later. I look at these two traits as competitive advantages, and sustainable competitive advantages are extremely important in developed industries because companies are constantly trying to cannibalize each other. SEO would not be considered a developed industry, but the ever expanding array of tools, software, how-to courses, and even universities offering internet marketing courses are signals that it is maturing at a rapid pace. A prudent agency or consultant must continue to try an obtain either an advantage in knowledge, efficiency of their processes, or both.

While this flowchart is only a sliver, my hope is that it will help you clearly understand an excellent process for obtaining authoritative editorial links, coupled with real relationships with those inside you or your clients industry.

How To Use Ontolo To Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness In The Preciprocation Process

Ontolo was born to help with the prospecting portion of this process. Preciprocation is more effective when you play darts instead of throwing c*ap against the wall to see what sticks. You will want to make sure that the websites you are approaching have a history of linking to other resources, and would be considered as credible in your target industry. It doesn't have to be the top blogger, but you do want someone that has the following qualities:

  • Links to other resources regularly
  • Has some sort of following on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, or their blog feed
  • Would be viewed as credible in your niche
  • Make sure that the links you are seeing to other resources are not bought.
  • Bonus: Is capable of passing high levels of authority to your site via the links you hope to achieve. (This could be measure by mozrank which is included in the Ontolo toolset.)

Ontolo is the perfect tool to use for the discovery of these types of websites because it was designed around the preciprocation process. The Ontolo guys are content based link builders so they built a tool out of necessity to improve efficiency in finding content based preciprocation targets. Start with solid prospects, then follow the process within this flowchart doing exactly what it says. The results will be links.

About the Author

David Wolf is the founder of InBusiness, Inc. an internet marketing firm based in Orlando, Fl. After only a year and half in business, his firm was acquired for an undisclosed amount. David has created dozens of innovative strategies for both national and local clients and continually strives to expand the realm of knowledge in the SEO industry. He has absolutely no authority whatsoever :). Infact, listening to him is probably not a good idea. Linking to or hiring his firm is even worse. To find out why don't visit http://inbusinessinc.com/find-out-why


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