The Inhouse Link Building Group Interview Project: 14 Questions

Attention inhouse SEOs (aka inhouse link builders, researchers, educators, statisticians, web developers and politicians)! After a brief DM chat with (former) inhouse SEO wiz Aaron Bradley, we decided to ask for your answers to 14 inhouse link building questions. Responses are due by September 28th.

What you win:

  • Mention + link in our final write up.
  • A roundup link to your blog post (if you write one).
  • @GarrettFrench + @Ontolo will tweet your blog post to 1000+ people and bots passionate about link building (if you write one).
  • A respected platform for sharing your expertise with colleagues.
  • A free link building book if you thoroughly answer all questions (alternately, 20 amazing minutes gabbing with Garrett :)
  • An "As Seen on Ontolo" button. JK :P

What you do:

  • Answer on or before September 28th.
  • Answer our questions on your personal blog or...
  • Answer directly in email (Garrett.French [a] Ontolo.com ) or...
  • Answer in the comments section below.

What we do:

  • Assemble your answers from emails, comments and blog posts into a cohesive, actionable contribution to SEO. Like we did here, here, here and here.
  • Promote the final group interview.
  • Withhold your identity/company if required.

Day-to-Day Link Building Questions

  1. As an inhouse SEO, what are your top 5 most important link building tasks and responsibilities?
  2. What, if any, link building tasks would you be comfortable outsourcing?
  3. How much of your time is spent on link building related tasks on a day to day basis?

Link Building Tool Questions

  1. What are your top 5 most important link building tools?
  2. What are the most valuable tasks or functions of existing link building tools that you couldn't live without?
  3. What are the biggest let-downs of link building tools you have used or currently use?

Inhouse Link Building Campaign Design Questions

  1. If a fellow inhouse SEO asked for help in developing a link building campaign, what questions would you ask them?
  2. What link building tactics work better for inhouse SEOs than agency link builders? Why?
  3. As an inhouse SEO, what link building techniques have you found that scale (if any...)?

Internal Credibility and Influence Questions

  1. Can you describe techniques or tactics you've used to grow your internal trust and credibility with colleagues?
  2. How do you get colleagues to perform tasks related to link building?
  3. How have you grown your colleagues' ability to identify and act on link opportunities?
  4. What metrics do you use to convey link building success to upper management?

What Crucial Questions Did We Miss?

  1. What questions did we leave out? What are your answers to these questions?

Special thanks to Don Rhoades for question beta testing and edits!

Special Thanks to Our Inhouse Link Building Contributors

Resources Used in Writing Questions

  1. Bringing SEO In House: How To Be Successful!
  2. Connecting For Links: Recruiting Link Building Partners In-House
  3. 5 Best Reasons to Build Links In-House
  4. In-House Link Building Not Always Practical
  5. Training Link Developers on the Link Building Cycle
  6. 10 Ways All Employees Can Contribute to Link Building
  7. Outsourcing Link Development
  8. Why in-house link building isn’t a practical solution for most companies
  9. How to Find a Quality In-House Link Builder
  10. In-House Link Building Not Always Practical
  11. Why companies should be wary of in-house link development
  12. Delegating Link Development
  13. Investing in Link Building
  14. Link Building: DIY In-House vs. Outsourced

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