Inhouse Link Building Interview: Dan London

We recently asked inhouse link builders to share the ins and outs of their daily work, the tools they use, the processes they develop and how they've grown and managed their credibility internally.

This is a submission from Dan London, Director of Online Marketing for secure web storage company ShareFile.com.

Day-to-Day Link Building Questions

1.As an inhouse SEO, what are your top 5 most important link building tasks and responsibilities?
Analysis of current links, analysis of prospective links, evaluation of rank, organic ROI evaluation, content creation

2.What, if any, link building tasks would you be comfortable outsourcing?
I’d only outsource content creation, but with a strict set of guidelines. I’ve used outsourced link builders and found them to just care about getting their contractual obligations done. Many of the links were of little value. If I do link building myself I know that I will get quality links and not just links that may or may not be of value.

3.How much of your time is spent on link building related tasks on a day to day basis?
It varies; I don’t have a set schedule for all I need to get done daily. I never sit down and say, ‘ok, I’m going 100% on link building today.” My days usually evolve as they go along. There are so many moving parts to SEO that I never think about putting a set time to a specific task.

Link Building Tool Questions

1.What are your top 5 most important link building tools?
I use a mix of tools. I don’t think there is one that stands out the most, but each provides me with valuable information.

2.What are the most valuable tasks or functions of existing link building tools that you couldn't live without?
The automation and the ability to analyze the link targets quickly are valuable. With so many sites and information to analyze, automation is needed.

3.What are the biggest let-downs of link building tools you have used or currently use?
Many of the tools still require a high level of hands-on analysis. There really isn’t a tool that I’d trust 100% right now to give me a full analysis. I use them all as a base and then spin the data myself.

Inhouse Link Building Campaign Design Questions

1.If a fellow inhouse SEO asked for help in developing a link building campaign, what questions would you ask them?
How much control do you have over your company website? If you have little, then this will be tough. I’ve worked for a company in which I had to fight for every little change. I was able to get some of my needs met and increase traffic significantly, but if the engineering team let me do 90% of what I needed, the site would have been a top 100 site easily.

2.What link building tactics work better for inhouse SEOs than agency link builders? Why?
Like I mentioned before, outsourced link builders usually just try to get whatever links they can and meet their obligations. I’ve had them get me some decent ones, but most lacked any real quality. I'd rather receive 1 good link than have an agency try to pass off 10 crappy ones as decent. You care about your ROI - they care about getting you a link so they can bill you.

Internal Credibility and Influence Questions

1.Can you describe techniques or tactics you've used to grow your internal trust and credibility with colleagues?
You need to show a clear path of what you do to ROI. While the engineering team might not want to do what you need, showing the CEO a clear analysis of profit from SEO will help you get what you need.

2.How do you get colleagues to perform tasks related to link building?
Education and simplicity. I dealt with a team of bloggers who couldn’t have cared less about SEO, but when I showed them how it could make their posts be read by more people, they began to listen. I also made it easy for them to do so (I also did many of the tasks myself).

3.How have you grown your colleagues' ability to identify and act on link opportunities?
It is hard to do, since many times their job responsibilities are so different. Their goals don’t often align with mine in any way.

4.What metrics do you use to convey link building success to upper management?
ROI and revenue generation. You can get a together a ton of data and charts, but revenue and ROI are all that matters.

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