NEW TOOL: 10,000 Prospects + Contacts in <20m? For $0.12?
By: Ben Wills |

Yes. You can now run huge Instant Prospector reports for less than $0.12 per report on our highest level plan.

It's only $0.19 per report on our new service level at $47/mo.

We also upgraded free accounts to get 25 Instant Prospector reports. This can easily get you over 100,000 or 200,000 customized link prospects, prioritized, with contact information. For free.

Yep. It's all FancyPants McGee up in here 'n stuff.

Read on...

Major Instant Prospector Update

The biggest update is to the Instant Prospector, which now exports 37 data points per link prospect we find for you, including seven different bits of contact information (email addresses, Twitter accounts, etc). The Instant Prospector has been around for a bit, but with these upgrades, it's essentially a new link building (and content marketing) tool.

This extra data lets you find the most valuable prospects more quickly, gives you immediate access to contact information (no more scraping or hunting around as another step in your process), and also shows you which prospects already link to your competitors (both how many competitors are linked to, and which ones).

Here is some sample data from three random reports we put together during testing. This includes gathering all 37 other data points per prospect. Once you get this list, there's nothing left to do except to review the prospects.

    Link Types: Financial Blogs
  • Link Prospects Found: 9,243
  • Time to Create Report: 17m 11s
    Content Research: Climbing Gear Advice
  • Link Prospects Found: 5,150
  • Time to Create Report: 14m 30s
    Link Types: Travel Guest Posts
  • Link Prospects Found: 7,829
  • Time to Create Report: 17m 45s

You can see that these reports collect a ton of link prospects, link prospect data (including contact information), and we do it for you really quickly.

You could get over 25,000 prospects, with contact information, etc, just while you eat your lunch each day...

Visit the new home page to learn more →

Content Marketing Research

You might have noticed above that the "Climbing Gear Advice" report was labeled as "Content Research" and not "Link Types." If so, good eye.

We've now added the ability (we may also be the first and only?) to help with research for your content marketing efforts. Like the common "Link Types," we've now added more than 20 "Content Research Types" within Ontolo.

A few examples of the types of things you can research:

  • Communities
  • Events
  • News
  • Process & How-To
  • Tips

So for the next "Tips and Advice" compilation you're making, head over to the Instant Prospector and choose the "Tips" Footprint Template from the Content Research dropdown. In a short bit, you'll have a list of "Tips" content about your topic, prioritized and with contact information.

Why is contact information important when you're researching for writing content? Because those same folks who have written about similar content to you...they just might also want to link to you.

Visit the new home page to learn more →

New & Updated Service Levels

By popular demand, we've introduced a new, lower-priced service level at $47/mo. For this price, you can run 250 Instant Prospector reports each month. That's only $0.19 per report with 37 data points per prospect, including tons of contact information.

All other service levels have also been upgraded.

Visit Ontolo to learn about each service level →

Free Accounts Upgrade

Free Ontolo accounts now get 25 free Instant Prospector reports, with no limitations on data, etc. They're the real deal. Hunerd percent, fer realz.

Meanwhile, you still get to use the Competitor Link Metrics reports and SERP Dominator, which are both updated each week.

Visit the new home page to learn more →

Updated Help Documentation

We've updated all of our Help Documentation and moved it from Zendesk to Ontolo. It's pretty snazzy. Check it out.

Visit the new Help Documentation →

New Website Design

We've updated the entire Ontolo website. You might find some neat stuff in there you didn't know about before. Go ahead. Poke around. You won't break anything. But if you do...you break it, you buy it.

Visit the new home page →

Putting this together was a ton of work over the past few months. But when Andy and I sat down to try and put together the best, fastest, and most-thorough customizable link prospecting tool on the market, we decided it would take as much time and effort as it would take.

In the end, we're really happy to have put this together for you and look forward to seeing what you can do with it. Especially the Community Templates! But you'll have to head to the website to learn more about those. ;-)

One final note: Putting this together allowed us to put some infrastructure in place that will help us with our next major Ontolo project coming out in the next couple of months. I can't say what it is right now, but I can say that we hope to help make the marriage official between Content Marketing and Link Building.


Until next time,

Ben & Andy


  1. Super stoked about the

    Super stoked about the changes. I think the homepage is going to be really helpful too, especially to new users. I may be biased though (I'm not a video person) :)

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