Link Building 101: 4 Ways to Communicate (and GROW) Big Link Wins

Some big link wins are worth shouting about. Especially if they're earned through solid, unique content and a carefully orchestrated and delicate outreach process that your competitors are not going to reproduce easily. Here are some ways to communicate your wins and, in the process, try and get a little more distance out of them.

1) Communicate the value internally.
Let everyone in your company know you got an important link. I know of one company that rings a bell when they get a new link. You can also send out a quick company email, but be sure to communicate the value of the link (referral traffic so far, estimated impact on SERPs, etc...), not just that you got it. This can be an important way to begin developing "link awareness" and building up some internal excitement about links in general. This can lead to internal relations that are so vital to link building.

2) Mention it on your home page.
"As seen on" buttons can have a powerful impact on your visitors, so long as the site is a probable influencer in your market. Never doubt the power of social proof, and always look for ways to illustrate influential folks who think your content is worth sharing with others.

3) Tweet it, Share it, Publish it.
Let folks know about the mention across your distribution network. At this point you're letting people know you were mentioned or cited, NOT that you earned the link. Share a link to your mention on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, your company newsletter, and anywhere else you think folks might be tangentally interested in the fact that an influential person or publisher thinks you're important enough to mention. If you've developed a preciprocation network, this could be a time to share your good news in the hopes of building more buzz.

4) Include the mention in future outreach emails.
Social proof works for potential linkers as well... Especially when you begin reaching out for new content you've created, or with new group interview or survey campaigns. Noting where and how your previous efforts have been recognized will have an impact on your future response rates!

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