Link Building 101: Can You Publish Onsite?

In our experience, one of the strongest indicators of an organization's mentality towards link building and SEO is whether or not we or they can publish on site to aid link building efforts. It's so significant that it's becoming one of our first questions when working with new customers, right up there with "what are your goals?" In many ways it sums up an organization's view of where SEO and link building fits in the grand marketing plan. Further, the answer demonstrates what kinds of tactics and overall campaign design will be most effective for the organization.

"Yes" Means Engagement Can Happen Onsite AND Offsite
When engaging publishers in the hopes of earning links, it helps when link builders can publish onsite. This indicates that they can leverage the power of preciprocation with group expert interviews and expert-engagement surveys. It opens the gates to contests and other means of publisher engagement. It means the link builder can market content onsite with links from placed content offsite.

"Yes" Indicates Thinking Outside the SERPs-centric Mindset
The capacity to publish onsite sometimes demonstrates that the organization views link building and SEO within the overall market presence. SERPs-Centricity often keeps marketers and other SEOs overly-focused on efforts that occur OFFsite. SERPs-centricity means measuring results based on the number of exact-text anchors that get placed (through purchases) without concern for relevant traffic or conferred brand value. SERPs-Centricity can indicate that link builders will not be overly concerned with adding value to their market place as a function of their link building.

"Yes" Indicates a More Integrated Role for SEO in the Organization
When a prospective client indicates that they can publish onsite as a function of link building, this often means that they view SEO and link building as integrated with other aspects of marketing like Content, PR and Social Media. If the "yes" is easy, this usually means that other departments have some rudimentary understanding of SEO and the value and implications of links. Further, it indicates that the SEO department (usually who we interface with) has earned trust in their organization.

It's a simple question, but the answers always tell us a great deal about the organization and help us to guide the conversation towards a more impactful link building campaign design.

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