Link Building 101: How To Get Started with the Ontolo Link Building Toolset

The Ontolo Link Building Toolset makes link prospecting and qualification faster by creating custom, keyword searchable link prospect data sets built of the link opportunities that line up with your linkable assets. In short, we find and rate link prospects for you based on what's unique about your site or your organization.

Getting started with the Toolset can be as easy as handing us a list of your top keywords. However, it will make your link builders' lives much easier if you read this little guide on getting started and identify a few things for us first when we have our kick-off call!

1) Start With What's Working For You
I've written on starting with what's working before. If you know of a type of site that consistently links to yours, we can find you more of them and save you all that time hunting them down. If it's working already, we'd like to figure out how to scale it for you with our prospecting and qualification tools.

2) Identify Your Available Resources
Do you have a team of interns to conduct outreach? Or is it just you? Is PR on board with your efforts (and more importantly can they handle content placement prospects...)? Do you have the internal pull to leverage development or design resources? How many hours can you put a week into link building? This says a great deal about what is and isn't a link opportunity!

3) Identify Existing Linkable Assets
"What's already working" is one example of an existing linkable asset. Whether it's cash, an infographic, a free tool or what have you, it's attracting links. We recommend taking a peek at your site in Open Site Explorer (it's behind a subscription wall, but worth it) and checking out your "Top Pages." This will give you an idea of what has already attracted links (and therefore what could potentially attract more).

4) Identify Potential Linkable Assets
Potential linkable assets are those that don't yet exist... such as a dev or design team with work cycles you can appropriate. Other examples include your CEO or other internal thought leaders for interviews, or those folks who have to write for the company blog once a week (these could be guest posts... alternately we could potentially help direct them on a course of highly linkable content...)

5) Identify Your Targeted Link Opportunities
Once you know what's already working, what your available resources are, along with the existing and potential linkable assets (that you know for sure you can leverage)... THEN you have enough data to generate all your potential link opportunities for your link building campaign. We have a great deal of experience at figuring out what link opportunities align with linkable assets, so please ask us to get involved at this stage!

6) Identify Your Target SEO Keywords
This is fairly simple, but very important. We will use your targeted keywords to help gauge the relevance of the opportunities we discover for you. Further, we use the keywords to some extent in our prospecting phase. It's also a good idea to include your "Market Defining Keywords," which often are slightly different from those you target.

7) Build Some LINKS!
Once we get your keywords and we know the precise link opportunities that you know you can close on consistently we set our crawlers to work building your custom, searchable, sortable database of prospects! We update and refresh this list on a monthly basis.

We hope this helps you in getting started link building with the Ontolo Toolset - if you have any questions we'd love to set up a call >>

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