Link Building 101: Link Begging vs. Link Acquisition

At a certain point in every link building campaign the rubber meets the road and you start to execute on all your careful link prospecting and qualification. We hope that, through effective campaign design, you'll be able to move on to Link Acquisition, and not Link Begging.

What's the difference? We believe it comes down to relevance... and not just keyword relevance, but link prospect relevance. If you've developed your link prospect list based on your Linkable Assets, you can be more assured that your outreach will be relevant to your prospects. This increases conversions and reduces burn out.

Here's what we mean...

Link Begging
Link Begging, in Ontolo vernacular, refers to asking tangentally relevant sites to link to you. These can be keyword relevant sites, or even sites that link to your competitors. It's easy to tell when you are link begging - you can feel it when you write the email. There will be a little voice that screams - why on earth would they say yes to this email?

We've found that sometimes people refer to Link Acquisition as "link begging." We say the two are VERY different.

Link Acquisition
In Link Acquisition you have lined up your Linkable Assets with the sites and people who are most likely to be interested in sharing them. You may even have designed a survey or group interview that engages your top link prospects. You have written your pitch email in a way that clearly communicates the value that mentioning your content (or participating in your offer) will bring to their site visitors. Because you started your campaign design around your actual linkable assets, and not solely your competitors' backlinks, you will have a much higher conversion rate, and you will end your day feeling a bit more spring in your step.

You can tell when you're writing a link acquisition email too - it definitely feels different! Even if you start from a template you will end up tweaking it on the fly as you have flashes of inspiration and make last minute additions. You will feel that same quiet certainty as when writing a friend or family member - of course they will respond.

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