Link Building 5/27-6/2: 26 How-To's, News and Reviews

Here's all the linking news we saw this week - 26 items, for link builders to chew over this weekend! 2 new tools from our peers this week (check the tools section), plus one more coming later this month from our buddies Melanie Nathan and Darren Shaw... Enjoy, and let me know if I missed anything: Garrett.French (at) Ontolo.com. See you next week :)

Link Building Monthly Roundup
Our roundups mention just about everything we can find that discusses links and link building. Wiep saves you time and effort by only rounding things up once a month and focusing on the very juiciest stories: Link Building this Month (05.2010)

"Link Building Tools for Success" webinar on June 10th from Vertical Measures

Link Building How-To's
How to Create World Link Maps With Majestic SEO & Google Spreadsheets
4 link building strategies: Internet marketing questions
Link Building Normalization
Build Links Backwards
A Blog Commenting Experience: What Can We Learn?
There’s No Such Thing As Advanced Link Building
Is it possible to build too many links?

Link Hypothesis:
Google Filters: Exact Match Anchor Text Links Are the New Meta Keywords
The Hidden Risk of Trusting Link Building Networks
Google Still Busy Killing Off the Link Graph, One Link at a Time

Patent Speculation:
How a Search Engine May Identify Undesirable Web Pages By Analyzing Inlinks
The reasonable surfer; makes for unreasonable thinkers

The "No-More Links In Content" Movement
google contacting newspapers asking for links to be removed?
Hyperlinks - and doing without them: another experiment
Experiments in delinkification
Can You Handle On Page Links?
How The Mainstream Media Stole Our News Story Without Credit

Link Building Tools:
SEO Tool Review: Wordtracker Back Majestic To Create Link Building Magic
Link Building Tool Interview with Eric Ward
A quick guide to Link Builder, the new tool from Wordtracker
LinkMentions: Monitor Non-Linking Mention Outreach Campaigns
Chris Cemper's Good vs. Bad Links presentation from the SuperShow

melanienathan: Google is messing with the release of our new link building tool! Will explain why on June 16 ;-) cc @edmontonseo
edmontonseo: Have to postpone the launch of the link building tool I developed with @melanienathan. Adwords API changed. Looking at June 16th launch now.

From Ontolo:
Link Building 101: Link Begging vs. Link Acquisition
Link Building How-To, News and Interview Round Up 5/20-5/27

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