Link Building Campaign Design: Week 02, Ontolo Link Building Strategies Video Series
By: Ben Wills |

I've been hearing it my whole life, and now I have undeniable proof: I'm long-winded. (Or, for those who share my "Long-Winded Explanation Disorder..." I'm thorough.) I have just completed a 50 minute video (after editing!) on Link Building Campaign Design.

The short version is only seven minutes and is embedded below. The longer version ate my CPU for breakfast and is available exclusively for Ontolo Members (Free Membership Registration Here!) right now.

In this week's video on Link Building Campaign Design, you will discover the following:

  • Defining Link Building Campaign Objectives
  • Defining Key Results that, if achieved, unquestionably demonstrate that the objective has also been achieved.
  • Discovering your Linkable Assets and how to align them with your Key Results.
  • Discovering your Link Opportunity Types and how to align them with both your Key Results and your Linkable Assets.
  • Designing and implementing Recurring Action Steps that incorporate your Linkable Assets with your Link Opportunity Types in a way that brings you to achieve your Key Results.
  • Implementing the practice of Recurring Improvement so that your Link Building Campaigns become more effective over time.

In the longer version, I go much more in-depth into each of these areas. Additionally, you'll discover:

  • Why relationships are the most valuable Linkable Asset you can have.
  • The single most important question that should guide every step of every link building campaign.
  • A step-by-step process for initiating valuable relationships on Twitter.

Watch the Videos Below!

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