Link Building How-To, News and Interview Round Up 5/20-5/27

Link builders were busy this week, and not just building links. Here's a round up of 21 link building news items, how-to's and interviews I could find this week. If you know of any I missed please shoot me an email: Garrett.French[at]Ontolo.com!

13 Link Building How-To's + News
How To Use Goverment Website Information To Create Sticky Link Bait
How To Get Links from Trusted University and Government Websites
Local Links For Local People
Link Building : A Complete Walkthrough
Applying Microformats to Links – You’re Probably Doing It Already
Link Building with Great Web Design
Why Negative Pages Rank: Link Neighborhood Diversity
Strategic Link Building That Drives Huge Results
Buying Domains For Link Building
10 mins In the Life Of An Old School Linkbuilder
The Value of Deep Links
Yahoo Site Explorer Link Count Drops Significantly
Junta42 launches Content Marketing Institute

2 Link Building Interviews:
Link Building Tools Interview with Aaron Wall
Complete Guide To Linkbuilding (SEO Veterans David Ogletree and Disa Johnson present a Complete Guide To Linkbuilding.)

3 Link Building Articles from Link Building Tool Makers:
All Links are Not Created Equal: 10 Illustrations on Search Engines' Valuation of Links
SEO Link Building Tips
About Ecommerce Sites and Link-Worthiness

3 New Ontolo Pieces:
Link Building Workshop 1: Rethinking The Link
Link Building Round Up 3: 31 Link Building How To's, News and Tool Reviews
Link Building 101: Linkable Assets vs. Link Opportunity Types

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