Link Building How-Tos, Weekly Roundup: 2011.05.20
By: Ben Wills |

Since Garrett's now kicking ass with Citation Labs, we've been trying to figure out the best way to continue getting the best link building information in your hands. Garrett's got a huge and phenomenal list that comes out every couple of weeks. What we've decided to do here is focus exclusively on a smaller subset of the best link building how-to posts. So, every Friday morning, check in here for the best link building how-to content that's come out in the past seven days.

We're going for a simple format here. Two sections. The first list is Link Building Must Reads and the second list is Notable Link Building Posts.

Now, onto the good stuff!

Link Building Must Reads

What Makes an Effective Link Builder

Good link builders are a special breed of SEOs. There are a lot of solid SEOs in the industry, but effectively building links is much different from keyword research, copywriting, and technical analysis. ... Whether you’re an SEO looking to improve your own skillset or a manager looking to hire a new link builder, these are the characteristics of an effective link builder.
 - Justin Briggs

Link Building For Life: Determining Lifetime Link Value

The ideal goal for some SEOs is to minimize maintenance and effort for a given website. Get to number one for all desirable keywords, sit back, and then move on to the next website while the previous domain rakes in the cash. This dream scenario is unfortunately rarely the case...
 - Ross Hudgens

Notable Link Building Posts

The Lost Art of the Personal Link Request

Where have all the honest, compelling, link requests gone? It’s kind of like “Where Have all the Flowers Gone” only with fewer hippies. It makes me wonder if people have just given up on the real pursuit of links through sincere one-to-one contact. ... I wonder if people have had so much failure in this department that they’ve just given up on slogging though the entire tedious process of trying to talk to people one at a time.
 - Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Linkbait Case Study: How We Got on the Front Page of Mashable

A couple of weeks ago, we relaunched the infographic (see below; click to enlarge), after giving it a complete overhaul, to coincide with Earth Day. This time around, it got the traction we had hoped for, attracting over 150 new links, including several high-value links from new domains like the LA Times and the Atlantic, and giving us a big spike in referred traffic.
 - Elisa Gabbert

Compelling Content the Key to Every Link Building Campaign

There’s no form of link bait better than a site that’s inherently link worthy on its own. By that, I mean a site that provides some sort of tool or database so compelling that bloggers and readers alike find it particularly fascinating or useful in a major way.
 - Michael Schwartz

Online Sentiment and Link Building

Reviews and user/customer feedback are becoming more and more popular every day. Plenty of people understand that what ranks the highest is not always the best. As users learn more about how to find what’s best for them, they’ll be looking for other users’ feedback and as we know ourselves, the top ten results in Google (at least for now) are critical.
 - Julie Joyce

30 Link Building/Link Baiting Techniques That Work in 2011

In this list I focused on common sense, widely used techniques, of which you’ll find plenty of examples on the Web. I didn’t want to be particularly creative and spectacular. ...check the list to find out whether you use all of them or at least those fitting best in your area, niche or industry.
 - Tad Chef


  1. Agree with Jennifer

    I agree with Jennifer, most people looking for link quantity rather than link quality. I use the link quality method. Build genuine relationship with websites owner, share content and information and get links.

    Sometimes, a genuine relationship helps the most compare to link building only.

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